REGGI, has been in the Club Penguin community since 2013. He was a short-term member of CPRA and led RAM for a short time.


He joined RPF in July of 2017, he began to feel that they didn't do much so he left the next month. After months of not playing Club Penguin Rewritten he returned to the community to find multiple armies. Out of which he decided to join the UMA. After he joined he attended multiple events and gained the rank of Major. Then he had to deal with the coup of EHROYALS during which he left to start a revolution against EHUMA and to assist NUMA in battle. He would form the Revolutionary Assault Militia. Afterwards he would then leave randomly, but then return to CPA after the rebirth of the Templars.



"The only reason what you hate is still there is because haven't helped the cause"

"My fate is that of a leader, and so that means I choose to lead"

"I help the people that need help, and i conspire against people that have to much power, even if I helped them in the past"

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