RITARO, which stands for the "The Red International Terrorists and Robbers Organization", is a Club Penguin terrorist group. They wreak havoc upon Club Penguin, by raiding (details below). Their most recent raid, and, currently their first and only, was the 2/2/09 Club Penguin Raid. The motives behind these raids are explained (albeit from their biased viewpoint) that they are taking a stand against the racist moderators and administrators of Club Penguin, as they, apparently "ban nigras (Negroes) Jews, and commufags (Russians)". This is evidenced by a ban image, with the reason being "You are Russian". You can find their raid video here. Their site is located here


"We are RITARO

We are army

We do not Apologize

We do not surrender

Expect us."

This credo seems to borrow heavily from the credo of the internet activist/terrorist group, Anonymous, if you want to see the original, click here. Their site is here

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