RO(Red Outcasts)is the name of an army of Club Penguin.They were created on the server Polar bear.

Ranking system and abreveations

Recruit Private=Pvt. Corpral=Cpl. Seargant=Sgt. Luteanant=Lt. Captin=Cpn. Major=Mjr. Commander Coloneal=Col. Brigadear=Bgr. General=Gen.

How we came to be

It starts with the red army. They want total domination on CP. Then,I,Crazekid2,decided to change that. So, I am the General of the Red Outcasts. We now fight our biggest enemy,the red army,and to protect the freedom of CP.


If you hear Crazekid2 say,"Join the red outcasts!"or something similer,please join if you want Club Penguin to survive! Also, do you want to be a slave of the red army?


If you join the red outcasts, our uniform is:

A goalie helmet

Search and Rescue shirt

Any mail sack

Ice skates

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