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RPF-EGCP War of 2019
Part of Series of wars between the RPF and EGCP

Defense of Grizzly, CPATG
Date August 29, 2019 - January 27, 2020
Result RPF Victory
  • EGCP Closure
Casus belli Toxicity caused by EGCP
Rebel Penguin Federation

Supported by:
Lime Green Army

Elite Guardians of Club Penguin

Supported by:
New Viking Alliance

Federation President Twitchy543

Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj
Rebel Commander Queenieliz (until September 2019)

Líder Edu14436

Líder SlowFood
Líder dollynhoxdd
Líder Pedrox
Conselheiro Cobra Conselheiro Cookky2

Fighting came to a halt around November/December 2019.

The RPF-EGCP War of 2019 was a conflict between the Rebel Penguin Federation’s Strike Force and the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. The war started as a cause of the EGCP’s “toxicity” towards the RPF, specifically their leader Queenieliz.

Pre-War (July-early August 2019)

See also: War of Smoke and Sour

The war’s casus belli started to be developed in July, 2019. The Rebel Penguin Federation’s ally, Lime Green Army, was fighting the New Viking Alliance, an alliance spearheaded by the Elite Guardians. Many of the NVA’s leaders and members were notably for targeting the RPF’s then-Rebel Commander Queenieliz for her impertinent reputation. Some of the words used to describe Liz was phrases such as “cow”. Many EGCP members were also found of using phrases such as “my dream is to rape Queenieliz”.

Beginning of war


Later parts of the war & ceasefire


End of war and EGCP


Legacy of the war




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