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Rach, also known as Rachy, Raquelle, or Cheez-it Queen, is the current leader of the Golden Troops. She is best known for being involved, alongside with Satchmo, TheMightyA, Aggipie, Purpleflaw (also known as Pina), Katie, Fluffy, and Frozy (all ex- Doritos of Club Penguin mods/high-command staff members) in the revival of the Golden Troops.


Rach was recruited into Doritos of Club Penguin on March 3rd 2020 while on Club Penguin Online a few days before the COVID-19 lockdown began. She ranked all the way up to Head General. April of 2020 came around and thats when the revival of Golden Troops happened. She played the role as one of the army's advisors along side Frozy as she wanted to also work on her staff responsibilities at Doritos of Club Penguin. She then joined the HCOM team of Golden Troops becoming Leader-In-Training under the leader ship of TheMightyA and Aggipie. When August of 2020 came around TheMightyA went AFK and deleted his discord without telling anyone, with that Rach got promoted to leader along side Aggie, [1] she had a bunch of ideas on how to run the army with events and even setting up practice battles with different armies.

Doritos Career

Rach was on Club Penguin Online one evening in March of 2020 when she saw someone recruiting for Doritos of Club Penguin she joined the server and became super active attending events and helping to recruit a lot, She ranked up through the member ranks eventually getting on the staff team ranking up Head General by April. With DCP being a Major Army it was a lot and being staff was a lot of pressure. She eventually ranked up to Third-In-Command finally becoming HCOM in DCP which she had wanted since she became staff. On April 17th, Mustapha10 who had been one of the leaders was couped from his position in DCP. as a result he defaced the server and made it so the Doritos site would be redirected to his blog post where he attempted to expose the DCP leadership. DCP announced they would be moving over to Club Penguin Rewritten. Rach and her group of friends sat in a Group Chat thinking on what army they would all go to due to not wanting to be a part of DCP anymore. DCP had a saying "Family Forever Until You Leave" which in this case was true, DCP has started to feel less like a home and more of a job and wasn't the same welcoming and warm family like place it was when she first joined.

Golden Troops

Rach joined the Golden Troops as an advisor along side Frozy, since the two were still staff with DCP when GT got revived, GT had their first event on April 20th, 2020, getting a solid 13 max. The Nickname of the Founding 8 was also born, containing Mighty, Fluffy, Aggiepie, Rach, Katie, Satchmo, Purpleflaw, and Frozy, the 8 people who helped make TheMightyA's dream a reality. They grew close with all sorts of armies within the community, and formed a bunch of alliances some of which being Red Ravagers, Animal Kingdom, Special Weapons And Tactics and more, Animal Kingdom became a super close ally of the army and their Leader Leila became a close friend helping them lead events when needed, The animal kingdom became a close ally and decided to merge into Golden Troops in June. They always helped out with events and stayed allies when they reopened after the shut down, When AK shut down they transferred their capital to Golden Troops due to them being the closest allies at the time an being the most trusted with their piece of land. RR became GT's closet ally and GT was happy to have an ally that was maxing the same as them, SWAT had been good allies with GT for years so it was only certain they would re-ally. SWAT had been with GT since the opening with SWATS own creator Ganger90 being involved in the 2nd Gen of GT. The two armies still being close to this day.

War Involvement

The group went on to partake in 3 wars. The first being at the end of May the One Direction Army decided to declare war because they wanted more servers. Golden Troops successful in all four of their invasions maxing 19, 20, 18, and 19. The Second war GT faced was deemed invalid this was decided mostly due to servers, but also because they contained multiloggers, to declare war on the Black Order of CP, However due to Black Order merging with the Coup Crusaders it was too confusing to decide if it was valid or not so Club Penguin Army Hub (Better known as CPAH) decided to just rule it invalid. Even though the war never occurred, GT still ruled it as a victory. The third was the army faced was November 2020 when the Wild Ninjas invaded their server. The army didn't want war though Wild Ninjas persisted and invaded anyways. The war only lasted one invasion long, when GT beat then 3-0 maxing 17. The first few months for GT were eventful.


They got invited to Legends Cup X coming out unsuccessful against SWAT. June also saw GT merge with Sun Troops where they got Kattle who would go on to lead GT in the future with Rach. GT was also invited to the Beach Brawl tournament in July where they faced Lime Green Army, Fight Or Fright against The Pizza Federation, Christmas Chaos Against the Ice Warriors, They were also invited to a few tournaments hosted by Army of Club Penguin. The most recent being Spring Showdown.

Becoming GT Leader

Rach started out as an advisor to the army helping with events every so often while she balanced her Mod rank with Doritos of Club Penguin as well, She soon joined the HCOM team getting the rank of Leader-In-Training under Aggie and TheMightyA she was LIT with Satchmo till he got removed from his rank and banned from the server, Mighty then left discord and deleted his account which caused Aggie to promoted Rach to Leader. At this time Rach has decide to retire fully from Doritos to focus on GT, She was also HCOM in one of their allies Special Weapons And Tactics and a mod rank with Red Ravagers. While also being a reporter and Judge for CPAH, She managed a lot of armies plus helping out in the Army Communities Hub at the same time.

Balancing Duties

Rach had a lot on her plate being HCOM in Doritos and SWAT while Leading GT and being Mod in RR along with being a judge and Reporter for CPAH, she managed to balance it all by figuring out what worked best with her schedule and working around that, She also had a spot on the Top Ten Committee who would help put out the Top Ten armies of that week from their events they posted. She enjoyed all her staff positions as it gave her a different look as to how armies ran. CPAH gave her a great look into different armies and how fun it was to help out within the community. Rach now holds Leadership in GT, Reporter and Top Ten committee in CPAHQ (which is a news outlet for armies). Balancing duties does seem to be a weakness for her, however, due to herself being fired from numerous armies in a very brief amount of time. She enjoys being able to be a part of the staff over there because she gets to talk to people all over the community.

Beep Beep Alliance

The Beep Beep Alliance of BBMF consisted of Golden Troops, Red Ravagers Fighter Pilots, Hold Bugs Army and Silver Empire. HBA was among the first of the 3 armies that had been involved with GT and RR with FP joining later on and SE being the final army to be welcomed in. HBA then exited the Alliance leaving it to Golden Troops Fighter Pilots, Red Ravagers and Silver Empire being the 4 left. They all grew close and began helping out at each armies events. Then the alliance fell apart, with CPAH getting raided 3/4 armies shut down for the safety of their troops SE being the only one to remain open. When stuff cleared up GT and RR came back as armies where as FP stayed as a gaming server.