The Raid of 7/19/10 was the first attack of the Rockers on the EPF HQ.


on July 19 2010 32 Penguins gatherd in Iyels igloo to join the Rockers.After the opening ceremony Iyel announced that they would attack the EPF a under cover EPF agent there Ned43t heard his plan and tried to tell other agents but was to late.some destroyed the HQ Elite Cupcake51515 took the files and Iyel and Jason665 set the bomb when Ned43t arrived the bomb was set they all ran out.27 Rockers ran away with only 7 Rockers and Iyel remained.That was the first attack of the Rockers but many more were to come.


  • when Cupcake51515 took the files she had to rip wires out of computer systems
  • it took Iyel an hour to round up all 32 penguins
  • the 7 Rockers that stayed wheer numbers 6-11
  • The original date to attack was August 1 but was changed to July 19
  • this was the day The Rockers were created
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