Ranger Troops of Club Penguin is an army to protect club penguin from its evil and it was created by Nicole30267 on august 25th. This is his Ranger Troop career story: Hello i'm the creator of RANGER TROOPS. I joined Club Penguin on 2007 and I have been in CP armies for a long time. I retired from Ranger Troops on November 25th 2011.I was LEADER of Ranger Troops for 15 months.I created Ranger Troops on August 25th when I was bored and didn't have anything to do.One of the first troops of Ranger Troops I recruited was Drigo2,Anakin 4000,Nikola1212,Woogiman 2. Sometimes i am known as Jordi on chat(Jordi is my real name) Sometimes i'm not on chat because i'm busy or i'm on my Facebook you can leave me a message on my Facebook(obviously i wont add you). My CP(club penguin)account username is Nicole30267 if you see me I might not add you because maybe my list is full,if i don't add you ill just be friends with you on chat. Well that's my CP ARMY story and if you would like to join Ranger Troops go to

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