Ray is a veteran of the Club Penguin Army Community and current Major General in the Rebel Federation. Before joining RF, he had most notably led the last generation of the Romans

Career (2014–present)

Dark Warriors

Ray joined CPAC on June 3, 2014, serving as a soldier in the Dark Warriors. He was later removed from the army due to extreme inactivity. Following this, Ray would forget about CPAC for the next 3 years.


Ray returned to CPAC on October 23, 2017, serving in the Romans after being recruited at a postmortem event on Club Penguin Rewritten. He would later become leader on January 11, 2018, and lead the last generation of the Romans up until March 2, 2018.

Nova Phoenix Corps

Ray later brought together a team of ex-Romans comprised of Twitchy543, Cobra, and himself, to create a successor to the Romans. The result of this collaboration was the short-lived Nova Phoenix Corps. This project saw about a month of progress but ultimately collapsed.

Rebel Federation

Ray returned to CPAC on January 20, 2019, serving as an officer in the Rebel Federation's Club Penguin Division. He is a current moderator in their main Discord server and on their website.

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