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Ray el Rey (Spanish for 'Ray the King') is a 2018 S/M Army Legend and retired Emperor of the Romans. He is best known for leading the Roman army, helping create a successor to the Roman army, and advising Roman leadership on and off until the end of 2020.


Dark Warriors (2014)

Ray was introduced to Club Penguin Armies when he joined the Dark Warriors in June 2014. He attended one battle, earning him a promotion from Private to Corporal.[1] Not long after this, he forgot about the Dark Warriors, and within less than a month, he was removed from the army's rank page, marking the end of this brief stint with the community.

Romans (2017-2020)

Ray returned in October 2017 after being recruited into the Roman army by Smurf. He was known for documenting his entire career and for his ability to catch on quickly. By January 2018, he was promoted to Legate (leader) by Twitchy543. Under his leadership, alongside Smurf and Ulysses Nardo, he rose the Roman army to prominence during its last stretch within the community at this time. He successfully won a war against the Club Penguin Crew and saw great success in battles against the Underground Mafias Army during the UMA-Romans War. In March 2018, however, Ray and his co-leader Cobra decided to shut down the Roman army, effectively ending the Romans' first CPPS-only generation.

Club Penguin Army Syndicate (2018)

After a merger between Ulysses Nardo's Club Penguin Army Syndicate (a CPA League) and Twitchy543's Army Lounge (a CPA veterans hangout) in April 2018, Ray began to serve as its administrator. He worked hard to create a safe, enjoyable, and fair environment for its member armies. However, due to instability within the community, he stepped down from this position within less than a month.

Nova Phoenix Corps (2018)

Ray, Cobra, Twitchy543, and several other Roman veterans created the Nova Phoenix Corps in July 2018. He and Cobra served as its first leaders, and eventually, Chelpopkick joined the leadership after the Pizza Federation merged into the fledgling army. The NPC was a successor to the Roman army, and so it had to live up to some big expectations. Unfortunately, many members and leaders deserted the NPC within less than a month. Even though it was short-lived, this successor army left a lasting impact on many of the Roman veterans involved, and many of its attributes, including its name, flag, and colors, were reused in later Roman army projects.

Rebel Penguin Federation (2019)

Ray joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in January 2019 and was given the rank of Brigadier General due to his prior experience serving as a leader of the Roman army. He quickly earned himself a "double promotion" to Lieutenant General, but this is where his RPF career peaked. Ray became more inactive and was demoted three times before finally leaving the army. He would rejoin the RPF several times, but these instances were too insignificant to be added here.


  • Fifth Emperor of the Roman army of Club Penguin - appointed by Twitchy543 in September 2019.
  • 2018 Small-Medium Army Legend - inducted by the Club Penguin Army Hub in September 2020.[2]