The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (often abbreviated to RFCP) is an army created by Prior Bumble on June 5, 2019.

Beginnings (2019-Present)

The Recon Federation first arose on Club Penguin Rewritten. Prior Bumble, a veteran from the year of 2008, had yet to see how warfare had evolved, and commanded the battlefield as did Oagalthorp and Pink Mafias used to. RFCP’s opening weeks coincided with the rise of Mopia, a clan that turned into an army under the command of SagaSage. Prior did not take to kindly to Mopia's heavy presence on CPR, especially the Iceberg, and started conflict with the army. The two leaders went on to agree to the Treaty of Soap to halt tensions. The treaty stated that, on the server Blizzard, the Iceberg was to be untouched by Mopia members.

The Great Schism

On June 11th, a small civil war took place in the Recon Federation. Dubbed "The Great Schism," Prior Bumble was ousted from the RFCP discord server by his right-hand man, SgtSpoon. Spoon and his three associates, Thurman45, Blonde Icon, and Turtlemun took over the RFCP discord server, forcing Prior to make his own. Most troops followed Prior Bumble to the new server. Down the road, Thurman, Blonde, and Turtlemun all made peace with Prior, while Spoon remained an adversary.

Joining Club Penguin Armies (June 2019)

Upon registry for Club Penguin Armies, the Recon Federation made a promising entrance, claiming the land of the fallen Tuba Army on CPR. Prior Bumble experienced a rude awakening when his army faced a battle with the Pizza Federation. After both armies requested an administrator ruling, PZF was declared the winners despite having less soldiers, but this was later amended to being a draw. This prompted Prior to learn the new style of warfare within the community. RFCP slowly turned themselves into a modern-day army. However, the rest of June was a quiet month, where the army tread water while gaining more members.

The War of Smoke and Sour (July 2019)

The Recon Federation was one of the armies to fall subject to the Lime Green Army's assault on the server map. In addition to this, LGA had appointed Zeke as its leader, a figure whom many thought was reckless and rude. These tensions led to the Recon Federation declaring war on the Lime Green Army, Prior calling it The War of Smoke and Sour. After seeing his army get crushed on Beanie, Prior Bumble had the Recon Federation join the New Viking Alliance, a coalition consisting of the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, the Pizza Federation, the Winged Hussars, and the Green Street Gang. Seeing this, the Lime Green Army allied with the Rebel Penguin Federation after a server exchange. The battle of White House was the first major battle, where the Lime Green Army emerged victor after both armies requested an administrator decision. This battle gained controversy due to the allied presence. RFCP had declared that the war would allow for allies, thus leading to many arguments on the ethics of foreign support.

Despite this, RFCP marched onward into the war, gaining both critics and admirers left and right. They lost their defenses of Beanie (CPR) and Fog (CPATG) after dominant performances from LGA. Their first win came when they invaded Northern Lights (CPATG), another battle that both armies agreed to have the administrators decide. After much deliberation, RFCP was declared the winning army. This victory was a huge morale booster for the Recon Federation, as, though they lost their reclamation of White House, they went on to win their invasion of Deep Freeze (CPATG) and their defense of Northern Lights.

Because the war ran into the Summer Circuit, a tournament hosted by CPA, Prior Bumble proposed a ceasefire between the two armies, which was accepted. This allowed the Recon Federation to focus on their tournament run. After the ceasefire, the army made a huge push in the standings, jumping from 7th to 3rd, fluctuating the latter of the places with the Winged Hussars. While RFCP halted their invasions, they continued to assist the Elite Guardians in their pursuit of the LGA empire, helping them take Snow Shoe, Rocky Road, and Slushy (CPATG). Just days before the war came to a close, the Rebel Penguin Federation scheduled their own invasion of Deep Freeze. Though many pundits thought this would lead to the downfall of RFCP, RFCP mustered up a successful defense, leading to RPF backing off.

On the 27th of July, Prior Bumble organized a treaty involving LGA, EGCP, and his own army. It was named the Treaty of Smog and Citrus. LGA transferred White House back to RFCP in accordance with one of the terms, while the three armies, as well as the NVA armies, agreed to a one-month peace period. Though the armies agreed to let history decide the victor, many felt that RFCP were the winners, as they gained more land than did LGA.


The main RFCP uniform is comprised of the [Hockey Helmet], Sun Glasses (for example the [Aviator Shades]), the [Cape], the [Admiral Jacket], and the [Dress Shoes]. Other acceptable attire include the [Jacket] and the [Doublet]. 

Minor differences and accessories are allowed as long as the Black Admiral Jacket, the Admiral Jacket, or the Red Doublet are consistent.

As Commander-in-Chief, Prior Bumble wears the Marching Band Hat or the One Man Band hat to set himself apart.

Prior Bumble 1

Prior Bumble

Prior Bumble is an original Club Penguin veteran. He served as Commissar, second-in-command, of the People’s Republic Army (PRA) in 2008 under the legendary [[1]], an ally of Ogalthorp of the Army of Club Penguin (ACP). Upon his return to Club Penguin Rewritten, Prior served as bodyguard to Perapin, the renowned owner of the Pizza Parlor on Blizzard server, before starting RFCP.
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