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The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (often abbreviated to RFCP) is an army created by Prior Bumble on June 5, 2019. Throughout its existence, the army has seen conflicts with several armies, from the Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Templars. It saw a tremendous amount of controversy throughout its lifetime as members of the army abandoned it and publicly attacked the army for its practices and the actions of Prior Bumble.


Early Months (June-September 2019)

On June 5, 2019, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin was founded by Prior Bumble, a veteran from 2008. RFCP initially operated solely from Club Penguin Rewritten and only created a Discord server a few days after creation. Additionally, the army initially used older battle tactics, like snowball fights. It was only after the Recon Federation joined the Club Penguin Armies league that he became more aware of how modern Club Penguin warfare works.

Throughout the army's early stages, RFCP's members often hung out at the Iceberg on Blizzard, Club Penguin Rewritten. Mopia, another army from that period, similarly spent a lot of time on Iceberg, which did not sit well with Prior as he considered the location to be “sacred ground.” This led to a brief conflict between the two armies. This came to an end some days later after the Treaty of Soap was formed between them. By signing the treaty, Mopia agreed that they would avoid Iceberg on the Blizzard server.

On June 11, the Recon Federation registered to join the Club Penguin Armies map. After they were accepted, they were given the server White House as their capital and the army captured Beanie and Antarctica in the subsequent weeks.

On the same day, the Recon Federation suffered their first major internal conflict, as “The Great Schism” occurred. The RFCP Discord server was managed by then-HICOM member SgtSpoon. Tensions grew rapidly and cultimated in Spoon and three others having an argument with Prior. This led Spoon to kick him from the server. However, Prior formed a new server for the Recon Federation and invited over soldiers who remained loyal to him. Thus, RFCP survived the conflict. Spoon and the other dissidents attempted a campaign against the Recon Federation, but this failed.

After the Recon Federation joined the map, tensions between them and the Lime Green Army, (then under the command of Zeke) grew as the LGA started to invade RFCP's servers, starting on July 2, 2019. This was later referred to as the War of Smoke and Sour.

Although it initially seemed as if the Recon Federation were in trouble, the war saw a turnabout as RFCP joined the New Viking Alliance and formally declared war with allies allowed. This led the Rebel Penguin Federation to similarly send support to LGA. The two sides were often equal throughout the war and on July 28, a peace treaty was agreed on between the Lime Green Army and the Elite Guardians/RFCP, declaring that "history would decide the winners" and returning a server to the Recon Federation.

All involved parties agreed on a weeklong-ceasefire during the war to participate in the league's Summer Circuit tournament.

The final days of July were difficult ones for the Recon Federation. On July 29, chaos erupted when "CollinZfresh", Prior's own commander during his time in armies in 2008, apparently joined the server. However, there was immense uncertainty over whether the user was the real Collin and on the next day, the user rejoined the server and claimed they were in fact Templars leader Xing on an alt account. However, Xing has later completely denied that this was actually him, leaving the identity of the fake Collin in question.

Things took an even worse turn from here on the 31st of July, when the Recon Federation were informed that HICOM member DatBoiRaven had died. A memorial event was held a few days later and opened to the entire CPATG league community. In a historic moment, more than 100 users from across the community attended the event.

August saw RFCP adopt their first colony: the Duck Defenders, ran by Cena. It also saw a renewal of conflict between RFCP and LGA after a new island of servers was added to the CPATG league map, known as the Peninsula Wars.

However, the war was short-lived, as the Recon Federation quickly overtook the Lime Green Army in terms of size. The armies had agreed on allowing colonies, but this only went against LGA when they colonised Cosmo, only to be met by RFCP and the newly-rebranded Duck Knight Army. LGA ultimately declared they were throwing the war and the Recon Federation was able to freely invade LGA's remaining servers.