On January 17, 2018. Xing and Zeke were looking for an army to attack, and Xing found the RAC. Xing went into the RAC discord and declared war, but Cobra, the Red Comrades 2ic, wanted to make a treaty, so they held a poll in the RC Discord server. It was between colonization by RC, allies with RC, or war with RC. The winner was Allies. But, after the poll, Xing started to doubt the trust of the RAC. For they could've invaded Red Comrades for what it was worth. So, Xing PMed Cobra on discord. He told Cobra that Red Comrades could handle the war on three fronts. And so on, went the invasion. The Red Comrade's The Red Comrades invaded the RAC's only server, Beanie, the next day. They maxed 5, while the RAC didn't attend.

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