The Red Dawn Alliance, commonly called RDA, and jokingly called Red Rogue Alliance was a military alliance between 6 Club Penguin Online armies dedicated to fighting the Rebel Penguin Federation. It was organized and founded by Edu14463, Cookky2, Cobra, and Xing.


On July 25th, 2018, the member armies of what would become the Red Dawn Alliance held a joint event known as Operation: Red Dawn. They maxed 50+, and the later that day, the Red Dawn Alliance was officially formed, named after the operation. They managed to capture Alaska on Club Penguin Online from RPF, as well as win a battle against the alliance known as United Armies of Club Penguin, formed by RPF and ETA to combat RDA. Eventually Epic101 defaced RDA, and RDA claimed victory of the war. The alliance continued in secret for a long time, however saw some minor returns led by Elmikey, with the neo-RPF group joining the RDA. On December 22nd, 2018 the Red Dawn Alliance officially was closed by Cobra. The alliance is the de facto successor and predecessor of the New Viking Alliance.

Army Members


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