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This article is about the 2018 Red Dawn Alliance. For more uses of 'Red Dawn Alliance' and 'RDA', see Red Dawn Alliance.

The Red Dawn Alliance, commonly shortened to RDA, and jokingly called Red Rogue Alliance, was a military alliance between six Club Penguin Online armies dedicated to fighting the Rebel Penguin Federation. It was organized and founded by Edu14463, Cookky2, Cobra, and Xing.


Pre-Red Dawn Alliance

New Viking Alliance (December 2017 - January 2018)

Main Article: New Viking Alliance

The Red Dawn Alliance has its traces back to December of 2017 with the formation of the New Viking Alliance. The New Viking Alliance (or NVA) was created with the intent to win the War of Roman Subjugation against the Romans. The alliance was led by Doctor Calamus and Cobra, who the latter would go onto be one of the founding fathers of the RDA. The NVA was very influential within the community during it's time, but was shut down in January 2018. It would be revived after the Red Dawn Alliance was disbanded in December.

World War VII

Main Article: World War VII

July 7th, 2018 marked the beginning of the Second Great Holy War, now known as World War VII. The war was initially fought between the Templars and RPF. However, throughout the war, the RPF would anger more armies as the war progressed, causing more members to join alongside the Templars, who was also requesting assistance. By the time of July 25th, talks were in the making for the formation of an alliance, consisting of the Pizza Federation, Templars, the Club Penguin Socialist Movement, and the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. The founder fathers Edu14463, Cobra, Cookky2, and Xing created the plans for the foundation of the alliance, putting Edu14463 and Cobra in charge of setting up the alliance and creating the warfare plans. A joint event, titled "Operation: Red Dawn" was held, where sizes over 50 were reached (dominated by EGCP and Templars). This began the formal creation of the alliance.

Red Dawn Alliance during World War VII

Original version of the Red Dawn Alliance flag, made by ItVaries on July 26th, 2018.

The Red Dawn Alliance was created to fight back the RPF. With the formation of the alliance, the name of the war became World War VII, as most armies were involved at the time against RPF. They managed to capture Alaska on Club Penguin Online from RPF, as well as win a battle against the alliance known as United Armies of Club Penguin, formed by RPF and ETA to combat RDA. At this very battle, the alliance resorted to cheating in attempt to get the alliance demoralized and to lose, however, with the cheating exposed, RDA claimed victory and used it as a morale boost. The Omegas, led by Epic101, joined prior the battle on July 31st after pressure from the RDA. RDA would go onto claim victory on August 3rd, 2018, and would end up being defaced by Epic101, who was soon banished. RPF attempted to claim that the RDA disbanded for a victory cause, however, the RDA continued within a group chat, proving the rumor false.

The minor return

Elmikey, one of the five original main leaders of RDA, would go onto "revive" the RDA for his neo-RPF project.

End of the Red Dawn Alliance

The Red Dawn Alliance would be closed by Cobra on December 22nd, 2018. Cobra went on to revive the New Viking Alliance, succeeding the Red Dawn Alliance.

Member Armies