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[[Red Rages|120px]]
Full Name Red Rages
Founded 20/09/2014
Rank Unknown
Government ThinkCode
Size Over 30
Famed For Attacking CP armies

Red Rages

Known Information

The Red Rages is a bot army that has recently appeared on Club Penguin. The army is ran by a user named ThinkCode, who is very good at making CP bots.

The army goes around Club Penguin terrorizing armies, and annoying people as well as spreading pookie hatred, which is good.

The RR continues to terrorize until further notice. Not much is known about this army. They don't use formations and right now have over 30 bots.

Rumours say that since the most common maximum number of users in a room is 80 they will be working on having 70 bots on if we include ThinkCode. 71 which will only leave 9 spaces left.


The RR's uniform is pretty simple. Soldiers just have to wear the color red, and a mining helmet. The mining helmet can be found in the Cave Mine, which can be accessed from the Cave.

It is extremely similar to how the Purple Republic look like.

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