Red Rebellion was an army created by Chainpro on June 29th, 2019. They held their first event on July 6th, 2019. The army ceased operations on August 16th, 2019.

History (Summer 2019)

At the time of Red Rebellion's foundation, Chainpro was leading the Lime Green Army. He allegedly recruited troops into his new army, the Red Rebellion, while still leading LGA. In July, he officially left LGA to lead RR. This lead to tensions between the two armies throughout the entire lifespan of RR. They hosted their first event on Club Penguin Rewritten, amassing sizes of 12. These sizes were maintained throughout the month of July. Because of this, many predicted RR would be an army to contend for a top 5 spot in the Club Penguin Armies top ten. However, they never made an appearance on the server map and acted as a roaming army.

Summer Circuit Run

Chainpro signed Red Rebellion up for the Summer Circuit, CPA's first ever tournament. Despite being one of the newest armies to compete, the Red Rebellion held their own in Group A. For a short period of time, they were in contention for claiming the 2nd place spot in the group stages, but ultimately fell out of the running with consecutive losses to the Lime Green Army and the Wild Ninjas. They finished 4th in their group, amassing 14 points on a 4-1-5 (W/D/L) record.


On August 16th. Chainpro announced that the Red Rebellion would be closing. In an interview with Club Penguin Armies, Chainpro said:

“As summer is coming to an end, multiple higher ups will not be able to be active enough to ensure stability of the RR—including me. There is also the common recruiting problem, we need to be very active and dedicated to rise. We will not be able to achieve that give our circumstances.”

After the army's closure, HICOM member Cena revived the Duck Defenders, an army founded in 2016. This army unofficially become the refuge army for all Red Rebellion members.


The uniform of Red Rebellion was frequently named when discussing the best uniforms in CPA. In fact, the uniform won a community award for being the best within the community. It consists of: the Red Viking Helmet, the Royal Robe, Black Sunglasses, Red Electric Guitar, and a custom red hoodie.

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