The Reds were a color clan that took part in World War I. They were organized by Korn later on. Korn was then couped by them.


There were tons of snowball fights among Club Penguin ever since its introduction in 2005. But, all changed during the Sports Party of 2006. This brought in tons of red gear for penguins. The Red clans began to form and so did others. They soon fought in World War I against other penguins. The Reds were the most powerful clan. A man by the name of Korn organized them. Korn led them to grow to a huge amount and took out other colored clans. Eventually Korn was couped, and they remained as a powerful clan until early 2007. They began to die. And once they died, the war ended. The Reds are still alive today, at a very small amount. They are not the original Reds, but more of a reincarnation. A revival of the reds has no occurred yet.

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