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Roberto is a member of the Club Penguin Army Community and an inducted 2011 Army Legend. Most known for his extensive leadership stints in the Light Troops, Roberto currently serves as the leader of the Spartans, following the creation of their Club Penguin division alongside Mustapha10, MaximeT9 and Lord Pain.


Pre-CPPS Era

Roberto led the Light Troops from 2011 to 2015 alongside the likes of LT creator Ioioluk and Waterkid100. Under his leadership, LT grew to sizes rarely witnessed by any armies of the time. His tenure as leader of the Light Troops is s sometimes cited in describing the most dominant leaderships in army history

The Light Troops spearheaded the Black Alliance and wars against the Army of Club Penguin. These continuous efforts contributed to the eventual collapse of ACP's dominance after 2013, amongst other reasons.

Roberto also served as Commander-in-Chief of numerous armies throughout his career, most notably in the Night Warriors in 2012.

Efforts were made to impact the community outside of army leadership by Roberto. In 2012, Roberto was instrumental in the KappnKrunch Productions organization. In KappnKrunch Productions, Roberto created some of the only Club Penguin army animations to date. Roberto also delved into the OldCP CPPS in 2015, providing a new avenue for armies to recruit.


After a significant period of inactivity, Roberto became King (Commander-in-Chief) of the newly created Spartans of Club Penguin on the 1st of June 2021.