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The Romans are one of the oldest armies on Club Penguin, founded by Explorer7777 on October 6, 2006, only a few days after the Army of Club Penguin. The Romans fought in World War II and were subsequently defeated.

After being defeated at the Battle of the Igloo, Explorer deserted the Romans, leaving them leaderless at a crucial moment. This sudden desertion, and the defeats they would incur throughout the rest of the war, led to the disbandment of the Roman army into several smaller Roman clans; among them were the Blizzard, Mammoth, Tundra, and Iceberg Romans. Djgtjvgyhxgy, the leader of the Iceberg Romans, took up the massive task of reuniting the scattered clans, and he accomplished this on June 11, 2007.

The Romans continued to play on Club Penguin until it shut down on March 30, 2017, and transitioned to playing on Club Penguin Rewritten by October that same year. During this time, the Romans fought in more than three wars and were briefly influential in the small-medium army community. This generation came to an end when the Roman army shut down on March 2, 2018.

On July 13, 2018, several Roman veterans (including Cobra, Ray, and Twitchy543) created a successor to the Roman army called the Nova Phoenix Corps. It was only active for a month before being shut down. The original Roman army returned for one last run on Club Penguin Rewritten from December 2019 to October 2020 and has since shut down indefinitely.


The following sections are named after the Emperor who led the army during that era.

Explorer7777's Reign (2006 to 2007)

The Roman Helmet (originally Roman Soldier Helmet) was a rare head item released in early 2006. It cost 800 coins in the Penguin Style catalog, and only members could buy it. Many penguins who owned the Roman Helmet fought as members of the Reds during World War I.

The aftermath of World War I saw the decline of the Color Clans as the status quo, as slightly more organized groups, based on clothing items rather than penguin color, began to emerge. These groups were called clans. Using the Miniclip Forums as a method of communicating beyond Club Penguin, clan leaders could relay orders and organize their troops with incredible efficiency. On Club Penguin, the server called Mammoth became the de facto neutral ground for the fledgling army community.

In the latter half of 2006, Oagalthorp founded the Army of Club Penguin, and around the same time, Explorer7777 organized the first Roman clan. According to Oagalthorp in his ACP Saga, "Explorer's Romans were famous for conquering most of its smaller rival clans." World War II began when Oagalthorp "fired the first shot" on October 13, 2006.

Romans in 2006, fighting other clans.

The Battle of the Igloo was the first formal battle of World War II. It began in the Snow Forts on the server Mammoth but eventually moved to an igloo. Oagalthorp described the igloo as a "Vietnam-styled battlefield" with jail cells on either side of the room for soldiers who got hit by snowballs. Oagalthorp and his second-in-command Koolaidman7 led the Army of Club Penguin against Roman forces led by Bridget1234. Explorer did not fight in this battle, which later turned out to be his clan's worst defeat.

After thirty minutes had passed, the Romans surrendered the Battle of the Igloo, bolstering their opponent's morale and inspiring many penguins to enlist with the ACP. Sometime later, the ACP allied with the Nachos and the Vikings. Explorer and his Romans would fail to hold back Oagalthorp's now allied forces during later battles at the Dojo on Mammoth. Toward the end of the war, Explorer would desert the Roman army, leaving the Romans leaderless at a crucial moment.

Djgtjvgyhxgy's Reign (2007 to 2017)

The sudden desertion of Explorer and the many defeats the Romans had incurred during the war led to the disbandment of the Roman army into several smaller clans. The most prominent Roman clans were the Blizzard Romans, Mammoth Romans, Tundra Romans, and Iceberg Romans. These clans were based on different servers and had no reliable communication as each operated on their turf. Around early 2007, Link360 attempted to reorganize the Romans as an army, but this attempt failed due to lack of communication and poor organization.

The Romans were finally reorganized as an army on June 11, 2007, by Djgtjvgyhxgy, leader of the Iceberg Romans, after he merged all the straggling Roman clans. This merge presented many problems, such as having four "leader" ranks simultaneously. Despite all the hurdles there were to overcome, this Roman army continued to play on Club Penguin as such until the game shut down on March 30, 2017.

Twitchy543's Reign (2017 to 2020)

When Club Penguin shut down, private servers began to receive more attention from fans who were desperate to continue playing their beloved childhood game. The most popular of these at the time was Club Penguin Rewritten.

While most of the Club Penguin Army Community had said their final farewells, the Romans weren't as ready or eager to throw in the towel. Ehroyals81, who helped revive the Underground Mafias Army, abandoned this revival to bring the Roman army back instead. He received support from Emperors Dj and Twitchy543. In October 2017, the Romans officially started playing on Club Penguin Rewritten. The first group of leaders included Ehroyals, Zeke, Games, and Smurf.

The Romans' first event saw only five members in attendance. Because of this, Ehroyals deserted the Romans and returned to the UMA. Their second event saw a peak of fifteen and an average of nine members in attendance. Hannibal, who was brought on as a leader to replace Ehroyals, helped lead this event. The Romans did not host another event for days after this. Because of this, Zeke left the Romans, following Ehroyals back to the UMA. Hannibal also left just as quickly as he arrived, and Smurf received a promotion to Legate, making him solely responsible for ensuring the success of this revival. Around this time, Smurf recruited Ray into the Romans.

URP–Roman War

On December 2, 2017, the Romans declared war on the United Republic of Penguins. Accusations levied against the URP included acts of treason, conspiracy, and espionage. However, on December 5, this declaration was rescinded and replaced with two further war declarations.

The following is an excerpt from a post on the Romans' website:

❝Today, the Roman Empire declares war on two different armies, the Underground Mafias Army and the Dark Knight Empire.

Yesterday, we were approached by a couple members of the Dark Knight Empire, who voiced their displeasure with the behavior of their leader, Emperor Flame. These soldiers defected to us in the past, but had been forced to return to their army by the unkind words of their leader. After we heard this, we pledged to declare war on the DKE in the interest of giving these defectors a voice.

After our unofficial declaration of war, Emperor Flame desperately scrambled to gather allies to fight us, pathetically begging armies like the URP and the Tubas to back them up in this war. He also attempted to fake a retirement to get us to cancel our war, which didn’t even last the day.

The DKE, paired with an UMA soldier, attempted to raid our training session later that evening, but failed spectacularly, not bothering to offer us anything even somewhat resembling a fight.❞

War of Roman Subjugation

Main Article: War of Roman Subjugation

The New Viking Alliance invaded and successfully captured two Roman-occupied servers: Blizzard and Abominable. The NVA maxed thirteen penguins while the Romans maxed six. Despite having incurred these losses, the Romans would not give up. Before the war ended, the Romans invaded Deep Freeze in a battle that would later be referred to as the "Godly Battle of Deep Freeze," as it lasted for more than two hours. The Rebel Penguin Federation joined the battle halfway through, supporting the Romans. When the dust had settled on the battlefield, the NVA had four victories under their belt in total, while the Romans only had two. Despite the score being in NVA's favor, the winner of this war is disputed by many. Some say the Romans won, while some say the NVA won, each citing different reasons.

The war ended when the Romans withdrew from the war following their decision to not affiliate with Elmikey, who had recently revived the Rebel Penguin Marines and associated himself with the UMA and the Dark Knights. After the war, Cobra, former leader of the Dark Knights, joined the Romans for a position of authority but was suspended for repeatedly breaking its rules.

The war was named the "War of Roman Subjugation" due to the overwhelming defeat the Romans had incurred.

CPC–Roman War

Main Article: CPC-Roman War

After Smurf stepped down from Legate to serve as a Tribune, the Hawk Rebellion Catch, an ally of the Roman army, declared war on the Club Penguin Crew after invading and capturing Zipline. The Blizzard Warriors wanted to capture the server to give it to the Club Penguin Crew. The HRC was warned of an invasion but changed the time to half an hour before without warning. Xing messaged an HRC leader who was AFK regarding the time change, so they logged on and invaded half an hour after BW's event. When confronted about this, Xing said it was "HRC's fault" that they weren't online. Because of this, HRC rescheduled the invasion and warned Tymatt, a leader of the CPC, who was also AFK, to give them a taste of their own medicine. The Romans then had a battle with the CPC, and the CPC dominated them. Because of this, the Romans held a war training event where they maxed 12. HRC carried out their re-invasion the next day and, as the HRC had done the day before, the CPC didn't show up. After the CPC discovered this had happened, they scheduled another invasion of Zipline. The Romans and the HRC were ready and showed up before them. The CPC contacted other armies, asking them to help out. Both sides fought hard, but after thirty minutes had passed, the CPC ordered their troops to log off.

A comment on the CPC's post about their invasion attempt.

After this, Twitchy, Emperor of the Romans, who served in a "backseat" role until then, temporarily made himself a Legate and officially declared war on the CPC. However, the first formal battle in this war did not go as planned. The Romans were planning to raid the CPC's event on Ascent, but the CPC logged on to Sleet instead, unaware that CPR staff were online at the time. Around five to ten or more CPC members were banned in an instant, and the rest of the Crew followed. The Romans then celebrated this unexpected victory by default with a "display of [their] Roman might." Then, the Romans invaded Sleet, just because they could. Then, after Tymatt retired from the CPC, a significant development broke out that would tip the scales of the war in favor of the Romans: the infamous Security, well-known for defacing many armies in the community, had blackmailed his way into the CPC leadership and created a dictatorship. It turned out that he was responsible for calling on CPR moderator Wicked Wickz to ban the CPC on Sleet. More information can be found in this article posted by Cobra (please note: this article contains explicit language). After this, the Romans accepted many CPC refugees into their ranks, such as Cobra, Zeke, and Tophattea. The CPC's website was then deleted, and the Romans declared themselves victorious.

DKE, before the merge into Romans.

Merger with the Dark Knight Empire

When the Roman army began to suffer from the inactivity of its members, some troops began to desert the army and join the Dark Knight Empire. Cobra, a leader of the DKE, decided to help the Romans by convincing its displaced members to return to the army. He also helped fix the Romans' problem of inactivity. On February 11, 2018, at 1 AM EST, the Dark Knight Empire merged into the Roman army. This merge bolstered activity within the Romans' ranks, gave the Romans control of servers previously controlled by the DKE, and saw Cobra promoted to leader of the Romans.

Colonization of the Hawk Rebellion Catch

On February 11, 2018, at 1 PM EST, the Hawk Rebellion Catch voted to decide whether the HRC should become a colony of the Romans. Nearly 5 hours later, at 6 PM EST, the vote was unanimous in favor of becoming a Roman colony. Sleet, a server controlled by the HRC on Vintage Penguin, became a Roman-controlled server.

First Shutdown

On March 2, 2018, Ray, now a leader of the Romans, and Cobra voted to shut down the Romans due to huge activity drops among its leaders. Twitchy, Emperor of the Romans, announced the shutdown of the Roman army, and the army's website and Discord server began to be archived.

Nova Phoenix Corps

On July 13, 2018, several Roman veterans (including Cobra, Ray, and Twitchy543) created a successor to the Roman army called the Nova Phoenix Corps. It was only active for a month before being shut down.

Leadership of the Consuls

In September 2019, Twitchy inducted Ray as an owner of the Roman Empire. He is the fifth owner overall, the first owner who did not serve while Club Penguin was active (2006–2017), and the third owner to achieve the title of "Army Legend."

In December 2019, with Twitchy's support, the Roman army was revived once again, this time under the leadership of Cobra, Dino, Games, Smurf, and Lynx. Toward the end of this generation, these five were promoted to Consuls (co-owners) of the Roman Empire, serving directly under the Emperor (owner), capable of doing anything owners may but with the one exception that they all act in agreement.

Second Shutdown

In September 2020, several members of the Roman leadership called on Emperor Ray, who had been retired for the past year, to help them address issues among the leaders. These issues were addressed and satisfied with the Romans Ownership Guide, a document written by Ray and edited by Twitchy that details the ownership of the Romans. On September 17th, 2020, due to the previous leadership at the time not having the time to lead the army, Romans ownership appointed three new leaders: 54x, Aisha, and Gilgamesh. Due to internal conflict and bad chemistry, Gilgamesh soon left the army. 54x and Aisha lead the army for the remaining month under the guidance of Dino until October. Unfortunately, the "curse" of inactivity that had previously plagued the Romans once again struck, and by October, the army shut down for the last time. The Romans suffered greatly during the infamous "September Slump" period under their new leaders. There are no plans to bring the Romans back through a revival making this the Romans' last official generation on Club Penguin.

Today, the remaining veterans focus on archiving the army's website and preserving its rich history and legacy.


  • Won the DSMAN Inaugural Awards 2018 Best Name Award.
  • Won the DSMAN Inaugural Awards 2018 Most Influential Army Award.