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The Roman army is the armed forces deployed by the Romans throughout the duration of the Roman Empire of Club Penguin (2006-2017) and Club Penguin Rewritten (2017-2020). It is one of the oldest armies in Club Penguin Armies.

The modern Roman army has its roots in the first Roman clan, which was formed (6 October 2006) by Explorer7777 to fight in World War II (2006-2007)—at a time when clans were most prominent and armies were just starting to emerge. After the Roman army was defeated by the Army of Club Penguin, the sudden disappearance of Explorer led to the disbandment of the Roman army into several smaller clans, including the Blizzard, Mammoth, Tundra, and Iceberg Romans. The Roman clans were unified (11 June 2007) by Djgtjvgyhxgy and organized into the modern Roman army. The Roman army considers itself to be a continuation of the Roman clan, and thus considers its institutional inception to be the origin of that armed force in 2006.

The Roman army would fight in many more wars and participate in several tournaments over the next 10 years until the end of Club Penguin on 30 March 2017. After its shutdown, the Romans transitioned to Club Penguin Rewritten in October 2017. The Romans would fight in at least three wars and colonize and merge with some armies during their first generation on Club Penguin Rewritten. Following the Roman army's closure in March 2018, the army was replaced by a successor, the Nova Phoenix Corps, in July 2018. This army was quickly abandoned, however, in August 2018.

The Romans as the "Roman army" would experience one final generation on CPR that lasted from December 2019 to October 2020. The army has since shut down indefinitely and its veteran members are focused on archiving its website and preserving its legacy.

Club Penguin


On 3 February 2006, the Roman Soldier Helmet was released in the Penguin Style catalog. While there is no documented proof of the existence of a Roman clan in the first half of 2006, it is likely that proto-clans existed as early as the release of the Helmet.

The Roman Helmet quickly became beloved and worn by many penguins. Despite this, it would be removed from the clothing catalog on 2 June 2006, about two months before the start of World War I. Many penguins who wore the Roman Helmet fought as members of the Reds. It is possible that Korn, leader of the Reds, could have formed the first Roman clan, but this theory is not supported by modern army historians.

World War II

The aftermath of World War I saw the decline of the Color Clans as unorganized armies called "clans" began to emerge on Club Penguin. Clan leaders primarily used the Miniclip Forums, a message board decicated to Miniclip games, to communicate orders to their soldiers and the server Mammoth became the de facto hub of the fledgling Club Penguin Armies community.

In the later half of 2006, Oagalthorp created the Army of Club Penguin. On 6 October 2006, the Roman Helmet was reintroduced to the clothing catalog, and with its return Explorer7777 formed the first Roman clan.

According to Oagalthorp in his ACP Saga, "Explorer's Romans were famous for conquering most of its smaller rival clans." While who started World War II is still disputed, most army historians acknowledge that World War II formally began after Oagalthorp "fired the first shot" on 13 October 2006.

Battle of the Igloo

Main Article: Battle of the Igloo

Romans in 2006, fighting other clans.

The Battle of the Igloo was the first formal battle of the war. It began in the Snow Forts on the server Mammoth but eventually moved to an igloo. Oagalthorp described the igloo as a "Vietnam-styled battlefield" that had jail cells on either side of the room for soldiers who got hit by snowballs. Oagalthorp and Koolaidman7, his second-in-command, led the ACP against the Roman army, led by Bridget1234; Explorer was not seen at this battle.

After thirty minutes of fighting, the Romans surrendered. This boosted the ACP's morale and inspired many penguins to join them. Some time after the Battle of the Igloo, the ACP allied with the Nachos and the Vikings. While the war dragged on until mid-December, the Romans would never recover from their surrender at the Battle of the Igloo. Explorer would fail to hold back Oagalthorp's allied forces during battles at the Dojo on the server Mammoth, and toward the end of the war he would disappear, abandoning the Roman army and causing a leadership crisis at the worst possible time. It was these factors that contributed to the Roman army's defeat in the war and its disbandment into several smaller clans.

Disbandment and Unification

The disbandment of the old Roman army gave way for several new Roman clans to emerge on Club Penguin. These clans were based on servers or rooms and had no reliable communication with each other as each clan operated on their own turf. The most prominent Roman clans during this time were the Blizzard, Iceberg, Mammoth, and Tundra Romans. The Roman army was briefly reunited under Link360 but it quickly fell apart due to lack of communication and poor organization.

The modern Roman army was created on 11 June 2007 by Djgtjvgyhxgy as a unified army that merged all of the struggling Roman clans together. This was no easy feat and many problems needed to be solved early on, including the problem of there being four "leader" ranks at one time. Despite its initial issues, this Roman army would continue to operate for the next 10 years until Club Penguin shut down on 30 March 2017.

The "Lost" Generations

This section is under development.

Many of the generations from 2007-2017 are still being researched. More information coming soon!

Club Penguin Rewritten


Throughout the official game's existence, various players created private servers of Club Penguin, and in response to its closure, more private servers were created. Club Penguin Rewritten, a popular remake, launched 12 February 2017 and had reached a million players as of 12 October 2017. Around this time, veterans of the CPA community began to take notice and started to use this private server for events, battles, wars, and tournaments.

Ehroyals81 helped revive the Underground Mafias Army on CPR. However, he quickly abandoned this revival in favor of reviving the Roman army. He was supported by Emperors Djgtjvgyhxgy and Twitchy543, and in October 2017 the first official "CPPS generation" of the Roman army had launched. The initial leadership included Ehroyals, Zeke, Games, and Smurf.

The Roman army's first event on CPR wasn't too impressive, maxing just 5 members. Following this event, Ehyorals left the Romans to return to the UMA. At their next event, led by the remaining three leaders plus Hannahbal, who replaced Ehroyals, the Romans maxed 15. The Romans didn't have

The army's first event wasn't too impressive, maxing just 5 members. Ehroyals left the Romans after this event. The Romans maxed 15 and averaged 9 at their next event under Zeke, Games, Smurf, and Hannahbal (Ehroyal's replacement). The Romans didn't have an event in days following this, and Zeke left the Romans, following Ehroyals back into the UMA. Hannahbal had also left, and Smurf was promoted to Legate (1ic). He was now solely responsible for ensuring the success of this revival. Around that time, Smurf recruited a penguin named Ray, who would later become a leader.

URP–Roman War

Main Article: URP-Roman War

On December 2, 2017, the Romans declared war on the United Republic of Penguins. Accusations levied against the URP included acts of treason, conspiracy, and espionage. However, on December 5th, this declaration was rescinded and replaced with two further declarations of war.

The following is an excerpt from a post on the Romans' website:

❝Today, the Roman Empire declares war on two different armies, the Underground Mafias Army and the Dark Knight Empire.

Yesterday, we were approached by a couple members of the Dark Knight Empire, who voiced their displeasure with the behavior of their leader, Emperor Flame. These soldiers defected to us in the past, but had been forced to return to their army by the unkind words of their leader. After we heard this, we pledged to declare war on the DKE in the interest of giving these defectors a voice.

After our unofficial declaration of war, Emperor Flame desperately scrambled to gather allies to fight us, pathetically begging armies like the URP and the Tubas to back them up in this war. He also attempted to fake a retirement to get us to cancel our war, which didn’t even last the day.

The DKE, paired with an UMA soldier, attempted to raid our training session later that evening, but failed spectacularly, not bothering to offer us anything even somewhat resembling a fight.❞

War of Roman Subjugation

Main Article: War of Roman Subjugation

The New Viking Alliance invaded and successfully captured two Roman territories: Blizzard and Abominable. The NVA maxed 13, while the Romans maxed 6. Even having suffered these losses, the Romans would not give up. Before the war came to an end, the Romans invaded Deep Freeze in a battle that would be jokingly referred to as the "Godly Battle of Deep Freeze". This battle lasted over two hours. The RPF joined the war effort during this battle, siding with the Romans. When the smoke cleared and the battle came to a close, the NVA had won four battles and the Romans had only won two. The victor of this war is still disputed; some say the Romans won, some say the Dark Knights/NVA won, each with different reasoning.

The war came to an end when the Romans pulled out of the war effort following their decision to remove themselves from all affiliation with Elmikey, who at the time had recently revived the Rebel Penguin Marines and began associating with the UMA and DK. The aftermath of this war saw SavageCobra, former leader of the DK, join the Romans for a position of authority; he was later suspended for repeatedly breaking its rules.

This war was called the War of Roman Subjugation, largely due to the overwhelming defeat the Romans incurred.

CPC–Roman War

Main Article: CPC-Roman War

After Smurf stepped down from Legate to serve as a Tribune, the Hawk Rebellion Catch went to war after invading Zipline, and the Blizzard Warriors wanted to capture it Zipline to give it to the Club Penguin Crew. The HRC was warned of an invasion, but changed the time to half an hour before without warning. ComissarXing messaged an HRC leader who was AFK regarding the time change, so they logged on and invaded half an hour after BW's event. When confronted about this, Xing said it was "HRC's fault" that they weren't online. Because of this, HRC scheduled a re-invasion and warned CPC leader Tymatt, who was also AFK, to give them a taste of their own medicine. The Romans then had a battle with the CPC, and the CPC dominated them. Because of this, the Romans held a war training event, where they maxed 12. The next day, the HRC carried out their re-invasion and, like HRC the day before, the CPC didn't show up. After CPC discovered this had happened, they scheduled another invasion of Zipline. The Romans and the HRC were ready and showed up before them. The CPC contacted other armies, asking them to help out. During the event, both sides fought their hardest, but after half an hour had passed, the CPC ordered their troops to log off.

A comment on the CPC's post about their invasion attempt.

After this, Twitchy, Emperor of the Romans, who served in a "backseat" role up until now, temporarily made himself a Legate and officially declared war on the CPC. The first formal battle in this war did not go as planned, however. The Romans were planning to raid the CPC's event on Ascent, but the CPC logged on to Sleet instead, unaware that CPR staff were online at the time. Around 5-10 or more CPC members were banned in an instant, and the rest of the Crew followed. The Romans then celebrated this unexpected victory by default with a "display of [their] Roman might." Then, the Romans invaded Sleet, just because they could. Then, after Tymatt retired from the CPC, a significant development broke out that would tip the scales of the war in favor of the Romans: the infamous Security, well-known for defacing many armies in the community, had blackmailed his way into the CPC leadership and created a dictatorship. It turned out that he was responsible for calling on CPR moderator Wicked Wickz to ban the CPC on Sleet. More information can be found in this article posted by SavageCobra (please note: the article's content contains use of explicit language). After this, the Romans accepted many CPC refugees into their ranks, such as SavageCobra, Zeke, and Tophattea. The CPC's website was then deleted, and the Romans declared themselves victorious.

DKE, before the merge into Romans.

Merger of the DKE

While suffering from an unexpected surge of inactivity, many Romans began to migrate to the DKE, which only worsened the situation. Cobra decided to return the new recruits to the Romans, however, and help fix the Romans' inactivity problem. On February 11, 2018, at around 1-2 AM EST, the Dark Knight Empire merged into the Roman army.

This resulted in bolstered activity and new servers to be listed under the Romans' belt. SavageCobra became a leader of the Romans as a result of this merge.

Colonization of the HRC

On February 11, 2018, at 1:24 PM EST, a vote was held in the Hawk Rebellion Catch to decide whether the HRC should become a colony of the Romans. Nearly 5 hours later, at 6:18 PM EST, the vote was unanimously decided. Sleet [US], a sever on Vintage Penguin that was controlled by the HRC, was then given to the Romans.

First Shutdown

On March 2nd 2018, Ray and Cobra voted to shut down the Romans due to huge drops in activity among its leadership. Twitchy, Emperor of the Romans, announced the shut down of the Roman army, and the army's website and Discord server began to be archived.

Successor Army

On July 13, 2018, several Roman veterans, including Twitchy, Ray, and Cobra, founded a successor army to the Romans called the Nova Phoenix Corps. Intended to carry on the Roman legacy in spirit, the army had high hopes and had to fulfill big expectations. Ultimately, it suffered the same fate as its predecessor's last generation (extreme inactivity among the leadership) and was shut down within less than a month.

Rewritten Generation II

In September 2019, Ray was inducted as an owner of the Roman Empire by Twitchy. He is the fifth owner overall, the first owner who did not serve while Club Penguin was active (2006–2017), and the third owner to achieve the title of "Army Legend".

In December 2019, with Twitchy's support, the Roman army was revived once again, this time under the leadership of Cobra, Dino, Games, Smurf, and Lynx. Toward the end of this generation, these five were promoted to Consuls (co-owners) of the Roman Empire, serving directly under the Emperor (owner) when the army is active and acting as the owner when the Emperor is away.

Second Shutdown

In September 2020, several members of the Roman leadership called on Ray, who had been retired for the past year, to help them address issues within among the leadership. These issues were ultimately addressed and satisfied with the Romans Ownership Guide, a document written by Ray and edited by Twitchy that details the ownership of the Romans. Unfortunately, however, the "curse" of inactivity once again struck the Romans, and by October the army was shut down for the last time.


  • Won the war against the Club Penguin Crew.
  • Won the DSMAN Inaugural Awards 2018 Best Name Award.
  • Won the DSMAN Inaugural Awards 2018 Most Influential Army Award.