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Rosaferri, commonly referred to as Rose or Rosa, is an ex-reporter for CPA and ex-Solar Force army leader. The first known appearance of her was in May of 2019 with the now-defunct United Republic of Penguins, later known as the Crimson Liberation Front, before the merge with the Lime Green Army under Chainpro. She also had notoriety as being the co-founder of the Cuddle Kittens, as well as the member who gave it their complete title.

She co-lead the army Solar Force alongside Lapis, an ex-musicians leader and founder up to it's closure.

Rosaferri recently returned on the 1st of May alongside the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. However, She has since left silently with no intention to return.

United Republic of Penguins and Manifest Red

In May of 2017, Rose would initially make her appearance in the community under the name of Manifest Red. She would go on to join the RPF as per their size and availability. Still having used Xat by that point, one of the main discourses of the army was to have Discord, a much more accessible and potentially much more utilizable chatting service, as a primary function of the army. Her, along with Nullify primarily, would go on to find 40Doom and Josh2Posh4U as the founding 4 members of a new army, predicated on the belief that RPF should be challenged and have a definitive opposition, leading to some of the first neocoetism arguments among the community. This army would be known as the United Republic of Penguins.

Despite its low sizes, Rose (still known as Manifest) would begin to seriously operate in July of 2017. During this time, with her leadership, the United Republic of Penguins would go on to receive its initial leader base, its original notoriety, and also oversee the founding of The Great Alliance and oversee the development of the primary infrastructure of the army. She would go on to leave the community in September of 2017 after several controversies and problems arose.

Return as "Rosaferri"

Rose, now properly named "Rosaferri" would once again return in June of 2019 to reinherit the United Republic of Penguins from owners Nullify and Yuno. However, after a stagnation and desire to rebrand (under the army name Crimson Liberation Front), she would find success in the form of discussing a merging opportunity with Chainpro, who at the time was given the role of leading the Lime Green Army. Rose would join as a Second-In-Command and would begin to, alongside the current leader, recruit members to the army at a rate that grew the size and notoriety of the army, leading many of the conquests alongside Chainpro throughout the army map at the time. Arguably, this increase in size would eventually begin to set many of the conditions that led to the War of Smoke and Sour.

Prior to that war, however, was the leaving of Chainpro to form Red Rebellion. Rose would stand as an advisor, assisting the development of the army and developing a relationship to eventual leader Cena until Rose eventually left both the Lime Green Army and the advising role in Red Rebellion. During this time she would go on to be a founding member of the PG Family Friendly Disney-Initiated Cuddle Kittens alongside Cena, leading soon into its core controversies in relation to the ongoing War of Smoke and Sour. Soon after, Rose looked to form a new army known as Solar Force, which saw little to no success due to a lack of infrastructure. She would then go on to leave for a substantial period of time, before returning in 2020.

Involvement with Recon Federation of Club Penguin

In May of 2020, Rose would go on to join the Recon Federation of Club Penguin as a Lieutenant. She would go on to serve in the army up until its eventual break from the larger Army community and the formation of Ukahala. During her time in the army, she would become a member of a couple of its task forces before their eventual disbanding and go on to provide additional updates to the army's language, Penguin Latin, which was partially inspired by her own comments on the motto. She would leave around June of 2020.

As of present, Rose has confirmed her desire to not return to the community, including statements to not contact her.