S.W.A.T was an army clan created on January 19,2010 by the users Coolfire4 and Coolcoolman9, as well as others. S.W.A.T is a clan based in mammoth, who like most clans on mammoth, are enemies fighting ACP.(S.W.A.T means Super.Waddling.Advance.Team.) Coolfires clan traditionally use's the Joke Bomb , Mad taunt and the Hit and Run. Other clan may use "Toot" bombs and other bombs. They wear the Diver suit, Snowboard Helmet,Ninja mask and a cape (In cools clan). Others may use a ninja suit, snowboard helmet, night goggles and black shoes.&nbsp Ranks are: (Again, In cools clan.)

Red cape:General(Cool fire 4 wears this)

Black cape: Luitendant(Coolcoolman9 wears this)

Blue cape:Captain

Pink cape:Private(pink capes are very hard to find sorry).

No cape:Recruit(lowest rank)

Other clans have 1 leader, where all others are soilders.

They do have a war history with both the ACP and the EPF squad based in mammoth. S.W.A.T is one of the more weaker clans, even if it has a large membership. In recent war, it is hard for SWAT to win without ally's. When with allys, they have a 50/50 chance of winning. They have tried before to "take over" mammoth, even though a 48 hour notice needs to be sent to a owner rank in the ACP, (which has never happened.).

Who will win? The swat, or ACP? The world might never know until the end...
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