Hello, I am Sammie, I live in Great Britain and I am 11/12 years old. I love CP armies. I've been in CP armies since April 2014. The only major/big army that I am in is Ice Warriors. When I joined Ice Warriors, I was a low rank then I was promoted. Ice Warriors is the only Major/Big army that I am in, but I'm also help a major army. I help Light Troops, I help Light Troops because there really kind and I really love them. Now enough of talking about Big/Major armies and let's talk about Small/Medium armies. I've been in Small/Medium armies since June 2014. The first ever S/M army I joined is Lime Green Army. I now left Lime Green Army as I hate the creator, Greeny! Now that I left Lime Green Army, I had to find another S/M army so I decided to join Frost Squad. When I joined Frost Squad, I was UK 2nd In Command but then the Frost Squad UK leader left so I was promoted to Frost Squad UK Leader. I enjoyed my time leading for two weeks but then Frost Squad grew inactive so I decided to leave. Now that I have no S/M army to go to, I decided that to try and find another S/M CP army. So I Joined King's Of CP. The King's Of CP are a new S/M Army that was created by Atticus946, I'm currently 3rd In Command in King's. Our best event was when we maxed 9! So that's my story about CP Armies. Now I'm currently in Ice Warriors and King's. I really enjoy CP armies and I hope you enjoyed reading my article.


P.S: This article was made in July 2014 and will be updated!!

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