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Scars (formerly known as Scaars) is a mostly irrelevant figure in the Club Penguin Army community. He is well-known throughout the DCP as a notorious troll in their discord. Scars is comparable to the likes of a "wannabe Cobra" (a revered army legend.) Scars was a former staff member in the DCP but left due to lack of appreciation from the DCP leaders. His best friend is 54x who he often refers to as his slave.

Early Army Career

Scars joined Club Penguin armies around the same time as other notable 2020 CPA member, 54x, in March of 2020. Scars was recruited into the DCP by auto-typers in town on Club Penguin Online.

Scars eventually went on to fight in the DCP vs IW War in April of 2020 and was a loyal solider in the DCP, attending every single battle of the war. His loyalty and hard work earned him swift promotions and he easily rose through the ranks in the DCP. 54x and Scars often recruited together and attended the same events earning them promotions at roughly the same times.

Promotion to DCP Moderator/Staff

In the middle of April of 2020 once the DCP was revived after its defacement on the 17th of April 2020, Scars along with 54x and a few others were elevated to the DCP staff team as part of efforts to gain new blood in the mod team. As a DCP mod-in-training, Scars continued his hard work for the DCP and became one of their best staff members at the time. Within a week, Scars was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General (the first moderator rank in the DCP at the time).

Departure from DCP

At around late May early June of 2020, Scars officially left the DCP staff team. At this point in time, the DCP staff team was an extremely toxic environment and it left Scars feeling under appreciated by the DCP leaders for his hard work. After watching lazy staff members who did nothing but suck up to DCP leaders such as 32op get promoted due to being favored, Scars made the decision to leave the Doritos of CP Staff Team and ceased recruiting and attending events.

The main reason why Scars and a few others at the time left the army was because he was feeling very under appreciated. He worked extremely hard and devoted hours of his time to recruiting and attending events but was not rewarded or noticed by the DCP leaders. The abuse and neglect from DCP leaders and the toxicity of the staff team was degrading to Scars and he left. 54x, a very close friend of Scars' was originally going to leave with him, but an unexpected promotion to Head General (5ic in the Doritos) prompted him to stay. In the end, it was an unfortunate neglect and abuse from DCP leaders that made Scars feel unwelcome. The DCP leadership would continue to promote members of the staff team who were largely inexperienced to high positions due to personal biases.

Trolling Career

The lack of appreciation for his hard work as a staff member in the DCP essentially drove poor Scars mad. The toxic DCP staff team and leaders ruined armies for Scars and changed him as a person. Upon leaving the DCP staff team, Scars began to stick around in the DCP Discord and began trolling. Previously, Scars had been a mostly quiet and reserved person who was generally a pleasure to speak with. Leaving the abusive DCP staff team left Scars as a changed guy and from this point on, Scars would regularly spend his time in the Doritos of CP Discord trolling and messing around with new members. The once kind and courteous staff member turned into a rude and mostly unfunny troll. CPA Legend Cobra regarded Scars as a terrible "Cobra-wannabe."


Although little known, Scars (inspired by the likes of the DCP defacers) has tried his hand in the defacement of Club Penguin Army Discord Servers. Scars, often accompanied by 54x, would often target small armies usually ran by young naive children who were easily influenced. Scars would often trick young children aspiring to create a Club Penguin Army into giving him permissions to edit the server and would delete channels and type obscene words and phrases in channels to the horror of the owner of the servers. Scars' most notable defacement is that of the defacement of the Blue Puffles of CP (an army that had an incompetent leader/owner that did not get official in the CP Army League) which had around 100 members in the Discord.


-The rumors that Scars was once a DCP Leader are true. At one point in time, Scars held the Doritos Leader role for about 5 seconds, making him officially a former leader of the DCP

-Scars has also held the "Doritos Legend" role for 5 seconds.