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The Secret Service is a Post-CP Army created by TD999 a.k.a Monstah on October 20th of 2020. The Army then quickly rose to become an S/M Powerhouse with their consistent achievements & acing of Top Tens as a Medium sized army. Secret Service has definitely left their mark in the community as one of the most successful S/M Armies of all time throughout their Generations, proving to be a force to be reckoned with.



The Secret Service was created by TD999. The First Generation was led by TD999, ToxicStorm, and JoelFreak. The Army, which had no previous history, managed to get into the Top 3 S/M armies in under one week & set the army record by rising to the #1 S/M top tens in under just two weeks of its creation. The Army then climbed into the major top tens the next week, which only paved the way to achieve even greater things as their journey continued while consistently acing the Top Tens as an S/M army.

1st Generation, Battles & Tournaments (2020)

Secret Service have had battles against Ninjas, Ice Warriors, Golden Troops, Water Ninjas, etc. After dominating the Top Tens for multiple weeks, Secret Service was then invited to participate in the Aces of Ausia and Christmas Chaos tournament hosted by Army of Club Penguin and Club Penguin Army Hub respectively. SS defeated the Lava Crusaders in the first round of AOA & advanced into the Second Round, but was defeated by ACP. The result was the same for CCX tournament and SS was defeated by Help Force in the first round due to the incredible size difference between both armies.

Land & Relations

The army would always have good relations with its closest allies Skateboarders which would later on rebranded to Fire Warriors. The army had had two pieces of land by itself and 3 counting its colony Fire Ninjas' land. SS also had another colony Brits of CP which was later decolonized.

2nd Generation, Battles, and Tournaments (2021)

Secret Service returned to the community after being shut down for many months. In a new discord server, they held their revival event and reached a max of 19 penguins. They quickly rose to the outskirts of top tens and have slowly started to grow with under the leadership of TD999 & their new leader Dman64w. They had new allies such as Smart Penguins, People's Imperial Confederation, Sea Serpents, and Golden Troops. Secret Service had battles against the Special Weapons And Tactics and the Ice Warriors in the LC-XI Tournament. The army would go on to defeat SWAT in the first round in a complete shock and upset within the CPA community. They would go on to participate in the second round of the tournament, but lose out on a quarter-final place to the Ice Warriors due to the incredible size difference between both armies. Secret Service participated in the Challengers Cup Tournament and on the first round they would defeat Skateboarders now (Trojans) and move on to the second round of the tournament but lose to People's Imperial Confederation in a very intense and close battle, then they would ally with Water Vikings. Secret Service would then have its final-protocol event before shutting down, the army maxed 10-20+ on average throughout this generation.

Lands and Relations (2nd Generation)

The army had new allies with good relationship, the army was first allied with Golden Troops, ⁣ People's Imperial Confederation, Smart Penguins and Sea Serpents. They would later on terminate their alliance with People's Imperial Confederation due to specific reasons, and later on ally with Water Vikings. Secret Service held a total of 9 pieces of land after their final war on Club Penguin Army Network's map, which includes: Cream Soda, Downhill, Canoe, Yukon, Sardine, Christmas, Sparkle and Outback.

3rd Generation, Battles, and Tournaments (2022)

To be updated.


  • Holds the Army Record for getting #1 S/M Top Tens in under just two weeks of creation.
  • Climbed into the Major Top Tens in just three weeks after opening.
  • Became an S/M Powerhouse which saw sizes of 15-20+ max.
  • Dominated the Top Tens throughout their lifespan as an army.
  • Participated in the Christmas Chaos X & Aces of Ausia tournament.
  • Secret Service will forever be remembered as one of the most successful S/M army of all time.
  • Participated in the Legends Cup XI tournament and defeated Major Army SWAT.
  • Participated in the Challengers Cup 2 (Semi-Finals).
  • Part-Protocol War Victors, resulting in SS territory expansion to 9 pieces of land on CPAN map.
  • Ranked-Up the Army Status from Small/Medium Army to Major Army.
  • Major Army

Website & Platform

Secret Service Official Website:

Secret Service Official Discord Server: