Lightning bolt
Full Name Shadow Empire
Founded October, 2014
Rank None
Government Presidential Republic
Size Small
Famed For Nothing

The ShadowEmpire is a recently founded army. However, unlike most other armies, it started out solely on the Club Penguin Private Server, which is where it is currently located.


The army's current temporary headquarters is the EPF HQ on the server RockHopper's Club.


Majors and above are considered as officers.

  • Soldier (common rank)
  • Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Colonel
  • General


  1. Since Rockhopper's Club is unfiltered, swearing is allowed during meetings.
  2. Be nice to each others.
  3. When a member who isn't an officer sees an officer, he/she has to salute to him/her. When an officer sees a member of higher rank, he/she has to salute to him/her.
  4. If you see a criminal when on patrol duty, arrest him/her with your companions. After that, take the criminal to the HQ, where the highest ranking member there will decide the scumbag's fate.
  5. Members of the ShadowEmpire can create an army. However, their armies can't claim control over servers claimed by the ShadowEmpire. Besides that, the members of that army also have to join the ShadowEmpire too.


When not on duty (patrol, arrest or war), members of the army can dress casually. If you'd like to request a different uniform to wear, feel free to ask Cp kid on his talk page.

Army members have been given the following group of items to choose from, as suggested by the leader. However, any dark-oriented clothes may be allowed if you receive permission from the army leaders first. For your convenience, the CP item ID is next to each item.

  • Nightclub Helmet - 1579
  • Nightclub Armor - 4833
  • Bubble Ray Gun - 5442
  • Oil Slick Guitar - 5104
  • Snow Launcher - 13132
  • Elite Tactical Armor - 4938
  • Black Hoodie- 221
  • Intense Hoodie - 24075
  • Any double-necked guitars - Green 5036, Blue 5101, Orange 5064
  • Ninja Outfit - Mask 104, Outfit 4034, Cloud Wave Bracers 5040

Officers in the army are expected to have a more strict dress style from choosing out of the following items, or the following style of items. Although soldiers may choose any guitar/weapon they'd like (other than the Acid Guitar), the Hard Rock Guitar is reserved for officers.

  • Any black suit
  • Imperial Officer Hat - 1650
  • Imperial Officer Uniform - 4903
  • Hard Rock Guitar - 15143
  • Bubble Ray Gun - 5442
  • Ink Ceremony Robes - 4337

And these specific items are to be reserved for those highest in command: The president and vice president.

  • Acid Guitar - 5161


If you'd like to join this army, message Cp kid on his talk page.

  • SlenderXP - Founder, President
  • Cp kid - Vice President
  • ~Justin1304~ - Lieutenant
  • gumball786 - Lieutenant
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