The Skirmish of Glacier was a raid upon the RPF Olympic

Games by the RPM. The skirmish was a later success.

The Skirmish

It started out with Clemont4 and Cobra overseeing an RPF event on the server Glacier on Penguin Oasis. Cobra pitched the idea to Elmikey. Elmikey accepted it and the RPM was deployed to the scene. The raid began.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the event consisted of the RPM being deployed to areas of the server. The RPF was quick to notice and began attacking back. It started off at a group vs group.

Stage 2

Stage 2 consisted of insults after insults. The entire olympics was disrupted. After that the RPM would chant "Let Freedom Prevail!" and "Fight the Real Fight!".


The last parts of it was when the RPF began to log off and the RPM did. There was truly no victor.


Skirmish of Glacier1
Skirmish of Glacier2
Skirmish of Glacier3
Skirmish of Glacier4
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