Sky Force

Sky Force, created by Oblivion (03livion) and Totorog9, on the 30th of December, is
SF upclose logo

Sky Force's logo

an interactive group and community that helps the CPO (Club Penguin Online) community through guidance, support, and integrity, and thrives to become one of the best club penguin bodies.

Sky Force will run events such as tournaments and questionnaires for fun and team collaboration! These events will count towards your overall points which you are rewarded after with new roles, recognition and more!

"The team name 'Sky Force'was an idea about being above the skies, on a new thinking level/altitude. Being in the sky, we have the high ground. We rule above others. But within Sky Force, we all respect each other as if we would want to be respected." - Oblivion


The Aviator Jacket will need to be worn during all Sky Force's CPO events/tournaments/activities.

SF uniform

Aviator Jacket

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