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The Sleet army attacking Parka

Sleet Army

The Sleet Army is an army on Club Penguin that was started on March 10, 2012 by Adolf Hitler. There are no members. The Sleet Army needs more members though. Join at Sleet,Dock at 5:00 -- 8:00 PST p.m. every day. Look for the penguin named Adolf Hitler to join.


The Sleet Army was started on March 10, 2012 by Adolf Hitler. The idea for this army was that Adolf Hitler was helping people annoy the server Parka with people from Sleet. This got the idea of the Sleet Army. Adolf Hitler tried telling the rest that we should start the Sleet Army, but nobody cared because the Purple Republic was too strong.


  • Adolf Hitler -- Founder/Owner/President/People who plans attacks
  • Osama Bin Laden -- Vice-President/Trainer/People who plans attacks
  • ISIS-- People who plan attacks
  • Stalin -- People who plan attacks
  • Shrek -- Trainer
  • Mango Smango -- Soilder
  • Ozzie114 -- Clan Prostitute
  • Lildeed124 -- New Bloke

Spots Availible

  • Soilders -- (Unlimited)
  • Prostitutes-- (Unlimited)

Servers Conquered

We have conquered these servers:

  • Your Mom's Bedroom
  • Germany
  • The Middle East

Upcoming Battles



The uniform includes:

Members and Non-Members:

Turban and AK47

Other Requirements

To be in the Sleet Army you have to be an FBI agent. This is because we need the FBI secrets.

Out of army

You are out of the Sleet Army if:

  1. You quit
  2. You are fired (3)
  3. You don't use a PC.
  4. You're not purple.


We have special rooms and servers to go to in this army. Here they are:

  • Server -- Sleet
  • Meeting Area -- EPF HQ
  • Planning Room -- EPF HQ
  • Resting Area -- Cove
  • Training Room -- Prisk23's Igloo/ Dojo (4)


The Sleet Army will meet Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PST a.m. to whenever Adolf Hitler has to log off. During this time we do a meeting from 7:00 to 7:15 PST. Then the trainers will train soilders from 7:20 to 7:50 PST. After that we rest from 7:50 to 8:00 PST. Then we plan our attack from 8:00 to 8:30 PST. We attack servers from 8:35 PST to whenever Adolf Hitler leaves.(5)

Join Now!

Join now at Sleet, Dock between 5:00- 8:00 PST p.m. Look for Prisk23 and ask to join. If he says yes, tell him what job spot you want! It's as easy as 1 2 3!


We have some allies at the moment! Here are our allies:

  • ISIS
  • North Korea


Our website is:

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