Smurf was an RPF Colonel, a UMA leader, and a Romans leader. He, Zeke/Fudge and Brethart222 were responsible for the revival of the Romans after the closure of Club Penguin.


Rebel Penguin Federation (2010)

In 2010, Smurf joined the RPF through their Xat chat, where he reached Colonel (7ic). He was later removed from the army due to breaking rules against swearing.

Underground Mafias Army

After his time served in the RPF, Smurf was forced to serve in the UMA, where he lead it for a long time. He says he deeply regrets his time in the UMA.

Romans (2017–Present)

After his departure from the UMA and the death of Club Penguin, Smurf, Zeke and Bret revived the old Romans and brought it back in October 2017, basing it on Club Penguin Rewritten. Though he struggled to see good numbers in the beginning, he has since received full support and assistance from Roman legends, such as Djgtjvgyhxgy, Twitchy543, and Antonio960. He said that he aimed "to make the community a better, more joyous place, to grow Romans to be the best army out there, and to make their members feel as if Romans is their second home." He planned to not let flash player CPPSes get in the way of their community, and claimed "the Romans shall grow to amazing heights." With the closure of the Romans on March 2, 2018, Smurf has since moved on to lead the Kings, who died after they maxed 15.

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