Snork (Also known as Bolinoys, or CarterSnork), is a new yet experienced member in Club Penguin Armies. Despite only joining in 2018, he's already made a name for himself in both Templars, and the army he leads, Winged Hussars.


Before Armies

Snork was an avid fan of Club Penguin long before joining armies. He had accounts on Club Penguin (where he first used the name Bolinoys, back then just Bolinoy) dating back to 2009. He played Club Penguin a lot through his childhood until it's closing in 2017.

In late 2018 Snork discovered the PZF after going onto Club Penguin Rewritten and this led to his involvement in armies.


Shortly after joining PZF, he discovered Templars, a then ally of PZF. He joined them and quickly went up the ranks of the army, gaining a lot of experience through participation in wars and tournaments. He was promoted up to Leader-in-Training of Templars until January 2019. Himself, along with Templar leaders Shinzo, Dagyr, Phil, and Ripmam, split away from the army and soon formed the rival army Winged Hussars, which they led together.

Winged Hussars

Snork has been leading the Winged Hussars since shortly after it being made, bringing it success along with the other leaders. He works closely with his allies in the NVA, especially during their war.

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