Snow Blizzard Army (SBA)

The Snow Blizzard Army (SBA) was created on 25th August 2013 by Rockyiceman1 and Martin who were good friends and used to work in the Nacho army together, on 24th August 2013 they went on to creating their own army which they named the Snow Blizzard Army.


SBA had their first ever scheduled event on 29th August 2013 where they had maxed 6 and their sizes were seen rising after every event. On their first week SBA was noticed by SMAC (Small Medium Army Central) they were ranked 9th on their first week, SBA after a few months had managed to reach the no. 1 spot on the SMAP and SMAC top ten which made them go in the CPAC top 15 where they were ranked 11.

SBA mainly became popular as the creators of it were not well known nor did have a lot of experience at that point in time Rockyiceman1 was a Nacho private under Martin who served as a low moderator, After a few months of SBA's creation on October 9th 2013 Nacho leader Edd better known as E double D was asked in a SMAC interview about Rockyiceman1 who was one of the many troops under his leadership he replied that the Nacho army had noticed his talent early and knew that he was capable of being a big leader himself one day.

SBA was known for teamwork Rockyiceman and Martin believed in being united and were always in look for fresh talent. By November 2013 SBA was well inside the media spotlight, In November due to a human error SBA was not included in the SMAC top ten after which SBA was seen protesting and criticizing SMAC. Later an apology letter was written by Kingfunks on behalf of SMAC who was the SMAC CEO at that time. SBA and Green Mercenaries (GM) had planned on merging their armies and make one army they named it Blizzard Mercenaries which however failed and only after 15 days the armies wen't back to what they were. SBA had 3 generations in total, their 1st being the most successful, SBA's success gave a lot of personal fame to Rockyiceman1 and Martin. SMAC awarded Rockyiceman1 the 2nd best soldier of 2013 and the best rising star of 2013, Martin was given the best co-leader award by SMAC for the year 2013.

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