The Snowball Surfers were an army led by former Flying Darts leader JeffTheGiraffe. The army was founded in June 2014.
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Leaders: JeffTheGiraffe (2014-?)

The total amount of troops in the Snowball Surfers amounts to 141. The main strategy for the Surfers are to hit fast with a blast, and escape just as quickly

One famous event was a raid on a faction of 15 tubas. 7 of the men engaged. 10 waited in the docks right behind the town (where the battle currently was) and 5 men in the snow forts. The 10 waiting at the docks charged and scattered the tubas. They reformed and tried to hold the snowball forts, but alas, the 5 men there had a line waiting. While being reinforced by the charging troops, 7 of the tubas surrendered on sight, the remaining 8 scattered to the dojo. a quote from one of the tubas who did not list his name. "They charged inwards with no restraint. Those that surrendered were all demoted. One was a Lt. General . Really showing the tubas weakness in certain leaders and moderators." Those in the dojo were immediately hit by all 23 men. 4 immediately logged off and scattered to escape. The final 3 hid in the night club. Those 3 souls were drowned in a mess of bombs, tactics, and formations. The Snow Surfers won. After this, good friends TingKid (Flying Darts leader) and JeffTheGiraffe (Snowball Surfers leader) met and allied. Then allying with the Trollerz Team then creating The Triple Trio

Enemies: Tubas

Neutral: RPF, EPF, Purple Republic, Wild Ninjas

Allies: Flying Darts, Trollerz Team

Motto: Snowball Cannons, FIRE!"

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