Sports Army on Club Penguin (SA)

         So, you know about the Sports Army on Club Penguin? Well it's a good choice to read this page because I'm about to tell you everything you need to know to join, about our leaders and the army itself.


                                  What on earth is the Sports Army of Club Penguin??!!?!

Good question, the Sports Army of Club Penguin is a brand new army on CP that will dominate. You can view our website HERE. The username of the leader of the SA-CP on CP is Hassan Ownss (me, I just chose a different Wikia name). 

                                           'How do our ranks work?

The army's ranks are first come, first serve. If you join, you get the highest rank there is until every single rank has been given out, then you will get a rank of a prospect which is the lowest rank. The ranks so far will be shown below.

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