The Stand off at the Berg marked the moment when the Pizza Bois and Painters finally beat the one of the Trees raids. It involved one tree who would not leave after they had lost The Battle of the Berg on the server Sleet.

The Stand off

The rivalry between The Trees and The Pizza Bois is well known, but the Trees have always outnumbered the Pizza Bois. While in the past the Trees have often disrupted events the Pizza Bois have been holding, deeply impacting anymore Pizza Boi recruiting during these events. On February 19th, 2018, The Pizza Bois discord was tipped off that the Trees were invading the server Sleet. The Pizza Boi- Painter Alliance quickly jumped on to attack back. This was not even twenty-four hours after the Pizza Bois had a run in with the trees on the server Blizzard. In this run in, several Pizza Bois helped fight off Trees under no command. Although the Pizza Bois and Painters were outnumbered, they held their ground and were able to take down the trees in about ten minutes. That is except one Tree, who stuck around for about another forty minutes. Several Pizza Bois and Painters stuck around, until finally they took victory when the remaining Tree left. This important event marked the first Battle and victory with The Pizza Boi- Painter Alliance against the Trees.

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