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Superhero123 is one of the current Water Vikings Advisors, a CPPS Army Legend and a former Army Leader. He joined the army community in 2013 and since then served as leader and higher command for multiple armies such as Smart Penguins, Ice Warriors, Doritos and ACP. He is also known for being the creator of CP Armies: The Game in 2019.


Original CP Era (2013-2017)

Superhero joined the army community in February 2013 in the Hot Sauce Army leaving after one event. In summer 2013, he joined Shadow Troops where he became a moderator. He then joined a new army, the Smart Penguins which had a strong AUSIA division. The Smart Penguins went on to win an AUSIA tournament for S/M armies called Continental Cup.

CPPS Era (2017-present)

CPPS Army Legend (2019)

Superhero123’s was awarded the title of army legend in 2019. His great achievement in 2019 was the creation of CP Armies: The Game, a battlefield type CPPS uniquely designed to embrace the army community. Super was already an original Club Penguin Army veteran with a fair amount of experience in computer programming and CPPS development, he was committed to make that CPPS a reality. CPA:TG played an important role in connecting armies that were based on different CPPSes through a common ground, and became the home of CPA’s tournaments. In addition, it also gave armies large amounts of territory to conquer, similar to original Club Penguin’s servers. He also administrated the Club Penguin Armies league (often called CPATG league), devoting ample time to running the organization smoothly, fielding community concerns both league and CPPS related, and maintaining fair and just decisions.

Water Vikings (2020-present)

After being a WV Advisor, Super was announced to return to higher command of Water Vikings (for the position of 2ic) by Kingfunks4 in August 2020. His main goal was to enlarge AUSIA division. In January 2021, after the end of flash and in the middle of HTML5 transition, Super became a Viking Commander (Leader). On 22nd March 2021, he stepped down for the rank of Advisor, due to having his "free time constantly getting reduced".[1]