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Sweater, also known as Conor, is a notable figure in army history. His accomplishments include being acting Godfather and Leader of the Fire Warriors, as well as Shadow Recon legend and former legend in the Special Weapons And Tactics.

Early History

Introduction to Armies (2011-2013)

Sweater created his first Club Penguin account in 2011 , but only joined armies in May of 2013, when he briefly joined Ice Warriors before Ganger90, creator of SWAT, recruited him to his army. He also dual-enlisted in Dark Warriors, but had to retire from armies later that month, as he wasn't allowed to play. However during his short time in armies he had made a notable friend, Memmaw.

Return to Armies (2015)

Almost two years after his initial departure from Club Penguin Armies, Sweater recieved a message from his good friend Memmaw, inviting Sweater to his new successful small/medium army, Takis. Sweater joined as a 3ic on January 3rd 2015. Sweater went on to make some false multilogging accusations, despite not knowing what the word meant, that lead to him leaving to join SWAT, despite not even being there for two weeks. Upon returning to SWAT, he ranked up to moderator and remained there until early May, when he left to go lead Shadow Recon. There he had much success, even leading their peak max event and winning Continental Cup II. He left on July 13th, having earned Legend for being one of greatest leaders of Shadow Recon.

Second Return (2016-2017)

After taking a long break due to technical issues, making it unable for him to play, Sweater returned in December 2016 to join the Doritos of CP as a 3ic. During his time there, he took part in a war against Rebel Penguin Federation, which resulted in a tie. Though with the closure of Club Penguin in March 2017, DCP shutdown and thus Sweater left the army community once again.

Era of CPO

Finding a home (2019-2020)

With Club Penguin Online on the rise, Sweater discovered the army community again and joined DCP as a member rank in December of 2019. Though he quickly climbed the ranks through heavy recruiting and activity, reaching staff in just two weeks. But he later left in January to join DW as a member rank, only to go back to DCP but this time as trial staff. Shortly after he left for 4ic in Ice Warriors, where he remained for a month and a half. He then left IW end of February, after being offered leader in Mayhem, only to merge into DCP ten days later. Though during his time there, they would max 40+ and even achieve 2nd in the Top Ten. Despite the merge, he didn't join DCP but rather went to Dark Warriors for 3ic.

The Revival of SWAT (2020)

After a month in Dark Warriors, Sweater was offered to revive swat with Zuke, SCargo2 and Jaylen on March 29th. They'd hold their opening event on April 4th with an impressive max of around 50, despite short notice. Towards the end of April began their downfall, with the coup of two leaders and the closure of CPO on May 15th. Due to CPO no loner running, SWAT decided to merge into DCP, where Sweater received Leader in Training. He remained there for three weeks before moving to DW for 2ic.

Post CPO Era

Another SWAT Revival (2020)

On May 30th, Sweater decided to bring back SWAT but stayed as an advisor, leaving the army to people he trusted. During this time, he kept his position in DW, until he decided to join the SWAT leadership two weeks later. But after leading in SWAT for three weeks, Sweater decided to retire again and remained so until August.

Reviving Fire Warriors (2020)

In August of 2020, Sweater decided to revive Fire Warriors, an army that had remained dormant for many years, with xfastx and TheSammiDC. They would go on to max an average of 10 per event. But due to some internal issues in the leadership, Fire Warriors was shut down later that month and Sweater went back into retirement.

More Revivals (2020-2021)

In late November 2020, Sweater came out of retirement to advise Skateboarders, led by Otter. During that time he also brought back Shadow Troops with Cargo and Sammy. They had a solid 20 max for their opening event, but slowly went downhill from there, causing Sweater to retire. In mid December, Sweater and Otter decided to rebrand Skateboarders into Fire Warriors, with Sweater joining the Leadership alongside Otter. This generation of FW even took part in a war with Island Invaders, due to tension between Otter and II leader Legoman. The Island Invaders would emerge victorious in the war. Fire Warriors shutdown shortly after in mid January 2021, due to the end of Flash and attacks on CPAH, despite Sweater having many plans for FW. The leaders announced a merge into Templars, until Sweater made an announcement in the FW server telling troops to leave the TCP Discord, causing tensions between the two armies to this day.


Fire Warriors 2.0 (2021 )

A week after the last shutdown of Fire Warriors, Sweater decided he wanted to reopen the army again. Leading with Austin, Cassie, Haley, Otter and Simmonds, FW held their opening event on February 6th 2021 on Club Penguin Rewritten. This generation would go on to partake in March Madness, facing off against the Silver Empire, with an impressive max of 30+ for the s/m army despite losing. Over the next months they'd continue to have an average max of around 15 penguins, placing them in the bottom of the Top Ten. Sweater would go on to retire twice during the current generation, but would return both times to lead. He remains as Leader and acting Godfather of FW to this day.