The Templar Exodus was a war started January 12, 2019 as a war against the Templars and Xing declared by the New Viking Alliance.


Causes of the war

Many causes of the war can be explained in many point of views. Some include actions by Xing, the leader and founder of Templars. Actions of his successors and fellow leaders. Tensions increased when a group now known as the Hussars declared independence from the Templars. The Hussars consisted of Templar leaders and high command. A few days after the New Viking Alliance council voted for war against the Templars, starting what is now deemed the Templar Exodus.


The war began with raids on Templar events normally holding a decisive New Viking Alliance Victory. Templars would also raid Hussars events. On January 21st, the Hussars officially declared independence, despite declaring independence before. Many armies partook in the war. The Dark Angels also declared independence from Templars. The army consisted of several raids from the New Viking Alliance on Templar events. All were NVA victories, showing Templars had little chance of victory. Afterwards, because of a migration from CPO to CPR the war was on halt.

End of the war

The war ended on January 27th, 2019 after armies mainly migrated to Club Penguin Rewritten. An Armistice was signed, splitting Blizzard in half between the New Viking Alliance and the Templars. This also had the recognization of the Winged Hussars. Tensions still remained high.

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