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The Templar Exodus was a war fought in January 2019, between the Templars and New Viking Alliance, marking the first war of the year that was fought. The war occurred after several Templars high command fled the army due to Xing's leadership, which would become the Winged Hussars.


The Templars were well known for for their controversial actions, usually headed by Templars founder and leader at the time, Xing. As the time went on, many Templars high command grew disenchanted with Xing's directions in the army and the controversial actions he took, such as "racism" and the likes. This would cause the Winged Hussars to form as a rebellion from the Templars. The Winged Hussars went to the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin and the NVA first, pleading for assistance for which they obliged, as several EGCP/NVA leaders were hired as advisors to set up the army.


The war began on January 12th, 2019 and lasted until January 27th, 2019.

Early war (January 12th - January 20th)

The war began on January 12th after the rebellion occurred. The alliance was headed by the Elite Guardians, with Cobra, Cookky2, and Edu14463 heading the alliance. The war began with raids on Templars' events by the NVA, with the latter holding decisive victories during each raid. The Templars would retaliate by raiding events of the Winged Hussars. Several armies within the New Viking Alliance joined sides with the Winged Hussars to beat back the Templars.

The Winged Hussars become official (January 21st)

On January 21st, the Winged Hussars formally declared independence, officially becoming an army and no longer just a "rebellion". Following this declaration, the Dark Angels, a Templars colony, also declared independence.

End of the war (January 22nd - January 27th)

The war slowed down, with some raids occurring on Templars' events by the new Viking Alliance, all resulting in NVA victories. The war went on hold as the community faced a migration from Club Penguin Online back to Club Penguin Rewritten. January 27th marked the signing of the Blizzard Armistice, drafted by Cobra, it stated that the Templars must recognize the Winged Hussars and that the Templars must hand over half of their ownership of Blizzard, CPR, to the New Viking Alliance. This would result in higher tensions as the time went on.