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The Templars of Club Penguin, normally referred to as the Templars, Templar Order, or just TCP, is an infamous and well-known CPPS army that was created on April 4th, 2018, by major army legend Xing. Despite the army being one of the most controversial armies of the CPPS era, as well as faced numerous defacings, the army has rose to be one of the most infamous and strongest major armies of the CPPS era. The army has peaked many times and saw many leadership changes, but has been led in every generation by Xing. Other notable leaders include Freedomist, Elmikey, and Brownpen4. The army has spawned fourteen legends, a major legend, and a S/M legend. The army is also well known for taking inspiration from the real life Roman and Byzantine Empires, and is also well-known for their nearly two year rivalry with the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin.

History (April 2018 - present)

The army was founded on April 4th, 2018.

Generation 1 (April - August 2018)

Foundation & Background (April - May 2018)

On April 4th, 2018, Xing founded the Templars. Xing brought together many of his long-term friends and army members to join his side. The army went to war against the Elite Guardians not too long after this, emerging victorious in early-May. Soon after, Elmikey joined the army to assist Xing and merged his army, the Rebel Penguin Marines, into Templars. The army also faced internal struggle early-on, as Security defaced the army on May 5th, 2018. The army remained dormant and unsuccessful attempts to revive it were made, but this generation set the stage for Templars to return as a legendary army, with Elmikey being the first mentor to Xing.

First Golden Age (July 4th - August 18th, 2018)

On July 4th, 2018, Xing revived the Templars alongside Elmikey. The army was quick to bring back original members and begin growing, bringing on the likes of Cobra as an advisor and later acting leader, and Reacon and Epic101 as leaders. The army was one of the fastest growing armies at the time, making use of Club Penguin Online's new league.

World War VII (July 7th - July 31st)

Main Article: World War VII

With the revival of Templars, tensions would arise due to the army bringing along Elmikey and Cobra, two notable anti-RPF figures of the time. With the reputation of the army, an accidental raid occurred by RPF troops, conducted by a lower member. This raid turned into a full scale battle and ended up resulting in multilog accusations from Silverburg and Popsiclebeak. After this, the Second Great Holy War was declared by the RPF, leading the Templars to begin their attacks. The diplomacy of the war was handled by Xing and Cobra, who both sought out to grow the army's diplomatic influences in attempt to rally more support against the RPF. However, on the warfare front, Templars played a purely defensive role and were unable to defend against the raids at the beginning due to the substantial difference in size. Tensions escalated after Operation Dynamis, a successful attempt by RPF to get a spy [Plane] into Templars HICOM to gather information. RPF attempted to expose and denounce the Templars using their findings.

The tides started to change on the battlefront as armies started siding with the Templars, such as the Pizza Federation, the Elite Guardians, the CP Socialist Movement, a Water Ninjas revival and others. Eventually, this would lead to the formation of the Red Dawn Alliance. This alliance, founded by Edu14463, Cookky2, Cobra, Elmikey, and Xing, would go onto win the war after rallying virtually the entire army community against the RPF. The Templars shut down before the war ended, however, but Elmikey continued to help lead the alliance. Both RPF and the RDA declared victory in the aftermath of the war, but as of 2022, RDA are widely considered the victors of WWVII.

Post World War (August 2018)

After the World War, the Templars would return once again under the leadership of Elmikey and Xing. The army averaged around 20 during this time and did very little, as they had to use Oasis. Eventually, the army became the Neo-RPF, and continued within that army for a while.

Generation 2 (October 2018-)

Rebirth (October 2018 - December 2018)

In October 2018, towards the end of the neo-RPF, Xing recreated the Templars for Club Penguin Rewritten. With it's return, Cobra, Clade, and Jay all became the leaders alongside Xing, with the latter two making up the AUSIA leadership. The Templars during this time developed a medium AUSIA that hit sizes of roughly 20+. However, the leaderships were shortlived, but did mark a legendary return. The army also took part in former PZF leader Neptune's alliance. Beteypeter, King William, Xing, Clade, and Liam continued the Templars into Club Penguin Online, and saw a reformation orchestrated by Clade to redo the army's structure. The army managed to hit sizes towards the 50s and had it's stints as a major army during this time. The Templars went onto take part in the Christmas Chaos in 2018, and made it to the finals, but with great controversy leading to a war.


3rd Crusade (December 2018)

During this time, the rivalry between the Elite Guardians and Templars sprung up once again. The Templars managed to initially defeat the Elite Guardians in a Christmas Chaos semi-final, which led to the Elite Guardians deeming it "bias" and heading to war. With Cobra re-added to the Elite Guardians leadership, EGCP took on the Templars and were victorious. Following this, the Elite Guardians and Templars had a rematch with the Pirates included, and the Templars and Elite Guardians would lose the Christmas Chaos, although the Pirates victory similarly faced intensive scrutiny and cheating accusations.

Templar Exodus (January 2019)

Main Article: Templar Exodus
The Templars Exodus was a conflict between Templars and the New Viking Alliance which began on the 12th of January, 2019. Tensions between Templars and the Elite Guardians were already high after the recent events of the Christmas Chaos tournament. Tensions erupted after a group of Templars high command broke off from Templars and formed a new army, the Winged Hussars. The Winged Hussars contacted EGCP and the recently-revived New Viking Alliance for help, which led to war breaking out. The war came to a halt after just a week due to a group of armies [including Templars and the NVA] deciding to move from Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten. The war officially ended on January 27th, 2019. This resulted in Blizzard [CPR] being split 50/50 between the NVA and Templars and Winged Hussars being recognised as a separate army.

Brief Spell on Club Penguin Rewritten (January 2019 - April 2019)

After participating in a mass-exodus from Club Penguin Online, Templars spent some months operating on Club Penguin Rewritten. It's unclear what precisely took place during this period of time. It's suggested that Templars allied with RPF in February and went to war with the New Viking Alliance, ending in a victory for Templars/RPF.

This period ended in April when Templars returned to Club Penguin Online.

Templars Imperial Age (April 2019 - May 2020)

It's unclear what took place in Templars' initial spell back on Club Penguin Online. According to Templars' own website, the army became allies with Wild Ninjas. The army participated in a major war against Pirates, Help Force, Aliens and Royals which ended in June 2019 when Templars were banned from Club Penguin Online and the CPO Army League.

After a hiatus, Templars returned to CPOAL on the 23rd of July. As soon as the new server map was introduced by the organisation, Templars re-invaded Cream Soda from the Royal Family and Aliens. They maxed upwards of 40+, towering above the opposing army's max. From this, Templars invaded Blizzard from the National Armies Alliance, maxing 60+, leading to invasions of White Out and Flurry. This overall meant Templars owned 4/7 servers available on CPO.

The Templars leadership was reformed, still including Brownpen4, Xing and Micderper but also including Freedomist and Banana. Xing started to take a more authoritative role and made affirming alliances with the Pirates and many small armies due to its philosophy as the protector of smaller armies. The Templars fought the Help Force numerous times throughout this period, along with other armies.

[Gap in history from August-December 2019]

Exploits in the CPATG League

Templars returned to Club Penguin Rewritten in December, joining the CPATG league ran by DMT and Greeny. In that time, they warred with a revival of Pretzels and with the Elite Guardians.

Beginning on the 14th of December, 2019, The Templar Army went to war with the Lime Green Army in what later became known as the 4th Great Holy War. The Templars soon captured 75% of LGA servers upon the Map. The LGA conceded a week later.

Templars returned to CPOAL in January 2020 as the CPATG league had grown stagnant. Several more wars were fought over the following months with various armies, including conflicts with Most Wanted army, Doritos, Royals, Aliens, Pirates and the Ice Warriors.

Post Club Penguin Online Era (May 2020 - Present)

Seeing as CPO was being attacked from all sides and was in constant drama, Xing and his leadership decided that they would move from CPO at the risk at their own server, knowing well what the cost would be. Nonetheless, they did it. At 2:30 PM EST, Templars moved from CPO to CPR/CPAM, gaining 200 members within 2 days. They declared Deep Freeze, CPR, as their capital. Two days after moving, the Templars began invasions of multiple servers such as Ice Palace and Glacier, further growing their power more than they ever had since the peak of the Imperial Era on August 19th, 2019.

The army also stepped into the Penguin Saloon Army League but shortly got banned from the league due to the accusation that they were DM recruiting in the league's Discord server. They saw further controversy in May 2020 after someone was found to be botting during one of their events.

Interested in expanding, Templars declared war on the Crimson Guardians to reclaim land that had been theirs on the CPATG map. After this declaration, CG transferred the two servers [Thermal (CPATG) and Frosty (CPATG)], to the Army of Club Penguin. Regardless, the Templars ended up scheduling an unsuccessful invasion of Thermal. The conflict between the Templars, Crimson Guardians, and Army of Club Penguin came to an end with a peace treaty.

Near the end of May, the Templars declared war on the Os Mascarados Army due to their strong relationship with the now-defunct Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. Shortly before this conflict could kick off, however, the Templars were accused of multilogging during their invasion of Thermal against the Army of Club Penguin. Nonetheless, the conflict between the Templars and the Os Mascarados Army (later known as the Erranty War) saw the former successfully invading Breeze from the latter. This left the Os Mascarados Army with only Fiesta, their capital server. Before the armies were supposed to face each other again, a peace treaty was agreed on to end the war. Templars received Fiesta as part of the agreement.

In June, the Templars declared war on the People's Imperial Confederation for the purpose of gaining more land. However, this war was interrupted a few days later when the Templars Discord server saw a defacement by prominent members within its ranks. The army recovered, but Xing retired from the Templars a week later. Brownpen4 took his place as the new Emperor of the army.

Near the end of June, the Coup Crusaders declared war on the Templars due to their belief that the Templars do not act well within the army community and that they treat smaller armies poorly. On July 11, Xing returned as Emperor to the Templars. A few days later, the Templars were removed from the newly-reformed New Dawn Alliance after they defaced the Club Penguin Galaxy Discord server. Xing later stated that they did this because they believed that Club Penguin Galaxy was employing leaders of the army and was trying to get Templar troops for their private server.

July also saw Templars declare war on the Lime Green Army due to their negative relationship and the army's role in the New Dawn Alliance. Additionally, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin declared war on the Templars in reaction to controversial things the army has said. During the war, the Templars lost their capital Yukon to their opponent.

Before the month came to an end, the Templars received a new leader, Otter, who left the Redemption Force for the position. On August 1, 2020, 4207b, a former leader of the Templars, made a return to the army's leadership. Several days later, the Army of Club Penguin declared their third war against the Templars, citing screenshots of toxicity, homophobia, and racism. The Templars lost this war after the Army of Club Penguin invaded the army's last server, Vanilla, and consequently delivered a force treaty on them.

This came to have little long-term impact however as the Templars, alongside the Recon Federation, were voted out of the Club Penguin Army Hub by army representatives after evidence of controversial and sensitive nature became public. At the end of August, Chainpro joined the Templars leadership after being fired from his Water Vikings leadership position for allegedly IP grabbing people. Before the month came to an end, Matt, otherwise known as Larden, who lead the Templars for a period of time in 2018, returned to the Templars leadership.

Troubles With the Recon Federation (September/October 2020)

As September came around, the Templars and Recon Federation, partly due to the place both armies found themselves in, formed an alliance through a treaty which promised verbal support for each other. Not too long after the formation of this alliance, Freedomist parted ways with the Templars. In mid-September, the army welcomed Tirodoragon and Astro to the leadership. On September 21, Otter, also known as Ivy, retired from the Templars leadership. The following day, Xing also retired, returning the state into a Grand Priory as it originally was. Around this time, significant former Recon Federation members joined the Templars and based on the evidence provided by them, the Templars declared war on the Recon Federation. The war came to an end with both sides claiming victory. After the war came to an end, Chainpro was removed from the Templars leadership for his condonation of CANC and their actions. At the end of October, Lukey exited the Water Troops leadership for Leader in Training within the Templars. At the start of November, Cobra, who served as Grand Prior of the Templars at the time, was banned from the Templars server after attempting a high command exodus from the army. Regardless, the army seemed relatively unscathed in the aftermath. About a month later, in early December, the Templars declared war on the Mango Corps for their relationship with Special Weapons and Tactics. That same month, the war saw a Templars victory. Around the same time, former Templars leader Hanjah returned to the army's leadership once more after a hiatus caused by internal drama and conflict. On the eve of 2021, the Templars declared war on Special Weapons and Tactics, making this the army's seventh holy war.

Organization and Structure

The organization and structure of the Templars has remained mostly consistent, with very few extra ranks, roles, and partners.


Most ranks have remained the same. Traditionally it consists of the following high commanding ranks:

  • Grand Prior (Leader)
  • Leader-in-Training (High 2ic)
  • National Chancellor (2ic)
  • Knight of the Silver Rose (3ic)

Extra ranks

A few ranks have been added overtime to the Templars to represent a temporary administrative role. The following is a list and their usage:

  • Pope (late 2018, late 2019) - High ranking role in late 2018. Apart of the Holy Council (advisors) in late 2019.

Holders: Clade (2018-first Pope), William (2018), Cobra (2019)

  • Emperor (periodically throughout 2019) - Another role for leader.

Holders: Xing (2019-2021, 2021-), Racecar 4 (2021-2021), Brownpen4 (2021-2021)

  • Empress/Queen (2019) - Held by the top woman troop.

Holders: Varies, Oengu/Hannah, Aubrey

  • Holy Council (December 2019 - present) - Group of Head Advisors.

Holders: Clade Melkor (2019-) Venom (2019 - present), Cobra (2019 - present), KingWilliam, BeteyPeter/Liam, Brownpen, Freedomist, Ccrocket

Related Armies

The Templars have had very few colonies, sister armies, and armies that rebelled. These are the following: