The Templars of CP or just normally called Templars was a Club Penguin Rewritten Army created in April of 2018 and revived in July of 2018. It was, as of July 2018, one of the strongest armies of Post-Disney Club Penguin. The army was dedicated to helping tiny armies and fight against the RPF. In July 2018, Templars officially became an army superpower. Templars were banned from CPO on July 31st, 2018, and revived on August 6th, 2018.

History (April 2018 - present)

The Templars were founded on April 4th, 2018 by Xing. The army, having Elmikey as one of the leaders, saw a great success during it' early days of existence. The army saw a great conflict in the community, which they won, known as the First Great Holy War.

The Defacement

The Templars had made quite a remarkable success in the community when in an unexpected turn of events the army got defaced by unknown source or person on May 5th, 2018. The army remained dormant for a very long time and attempts made to revive it again were unsuccessful.


On July 4th, 2018, Xing revived the Templars and soon many former troops rejoined this glorious army. The Templars started to grow up quick and have recorded the fastest growing army as of July 11, 2018, with more than 100 ranked members.

RPF Declares War

3 days after their revival, the RPF declared war on them for suspicions of multi logging. This is still a mystery to find out. The war became known as the World War VII.

Recruitment Raided By RPF

On July 9, 2018, Templars were recruiting other Penguins on the servers, but then got raided by a couple of RPFs. The Templars fought back, with most of the army missing because of this unplanned event, and defended themselves valiantly.

Operation Dynamis and the Counter Argument

Plane a RPF 2ic was relieved of Duty July 8th and joined the Templars as part of a spy mission called Operation Dynamis. He was given Leader July 9th. Afterwards, he left July 9th, with information to 'expose' the Templars for apparently multilogging and hacking in general. From here, Xing made two counter-posts on July 10th, attacking the RPF using discord screenshots the first to 'expose' the RPF as liars sexist, defacers, among other things, whilst the second tries to prove that the messages used as proof were taken out of context by not showing the entire messaging history, or by cropping.




On July 31st, 2018, the Templars were banned from Club Penguin Online. After several army ideas, they would return August 6th, and then again in early October.

August - October

The Templars as of October are still an active army residing on the game Club penguin Rewritten. They were soon by the end of October led by Cobra, Jay, Xing, and Melkor. Which all 4 were inducted as Templar legends as soon as Cobra left the army.

Return to CPO

After 2-3 months in exile, the Templars returned to Club Penguin Online with pride and hope. They maxed 20 in their first event.

3rd Crusade (3rd Great Holy War)

Main Article: Templar Exodus

This all started when the Templars defeated the EGCP in a tournament match in CPO Army League’s Christmas Chaos. The Templars ended up winning all three rooms in a sweep. Then, EGCP Leader Edu, soon threatened war on the Templars because of its outcome. War soon came by way of the Templars. They declared their 3rd crusade. The war was named the Templar Exodus officially, after 2 armies that were colonies of the Templars broke off. The war eventually ended after the newly revived New Viking Alliance raided many servers and Templars switch to CPR begun. On January 26th, 2019 the war ended. This resulted in a few key factors, Blizzard was split 50/50 between the NVA and Templars and that Winged Hussars is a recognized separate army.

Templars Imperial Age

Starting on July 23rd, the Templars, after a brief hiatus from CPO had returned to CPO. As soon as the new server map was introduced by CPO:AL CEO Epic101, the Templars reinvaded Cream Soda from the Royal Family and Aliens maxing upwards of 40+ towering above the opposing army's max. Then, the Templars soon invaded Blizzard from the National Armies Alliance maxing 60+. The Templars soon invaded White Out and Flurry. The Templars owned 4/7 servers available on CPO. While the rest belonged to the Pirates or Light Troops. Also in this new age, the Templars leadership was reformed still including Brownpen4 ,Xing and Micderper . New additions were added such as Freedomist and Banana. Xing soon took up a more authoritative role and made affirming alliances with the Pirates and many small armies due to its philosophy as the protector of smaller armies. The "Imperial Age" is still ongoing.

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