TheBreadBoii is a member of The Pizza federation who joined club penguin rewritten in November of 2017 and did not get an opportunity to play the original club penguin. He found club penguin rewritten after he got news the original club penguin rewritten shut down. Bread didn't have anything interesting happen for a while, other than personal irl stuff, but he later found an army known as the tubas. He joined the tubas a while before they became inactive, and he enjoyed it. However the tuba discord became increasingly inactive, so he left and continued playing the game normally.

Joining the pizza federation and founding the revolution

In late April of 2018, Bread found the club penguin armies wiki and saw the list of all of the active armies. He remembered his experiences with the tubas, so he decided to join one. He picked the pizza bois because he enjoyed his time doing the not organised pizza Bois raids in his spare time. Little did he know the server would be dead. He and a few other members of the discord, Chelpopkick, TheWaffle101, Agent Pizzah/green miner, and Alan 109, decided they were sick of the poor staff online time on the original pizza Bois, and went ahead and created The Pizza federation. The army is fairly new, so Bread hasn't done a lot else. He intends to be an active and friendly member of the pizza bois' high council to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Bread can be seen waddling around the island with a lot of different outfits on. He wears a standard outfit of The Pizza Federation standard uniform during raids, and can be seen sporting a number of outfits outside of raids, some themed around events of the cpps he's on.


  • Bread's in-game name, TheBreadBoi, is missing an i because it wouldn't fit
  • Bread was one of the first people to bring up starting the federation, along with Chelpopkick
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