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The Acids is an army that was formed in the summer of 2017. It was closed during the winter of 2017 and 2018 and made a return during the summer of 2018. It was a strong force within the small/medium army scene for the majority of its lifespan.

Early History


Formed on June 15, 2017, the Acids has been a group about having fun and being a part of the team. Originally, the group was just a few penguins that performed in the Pizza Parlor. These few penguins all had two things in common: green skin color, and the Acid Guitar!, a hidden catalog item from the Gift Shop. As more and more penguins joined in and brought their keytars and guitars, the group decided to name themselves the Acids (even though a lot of different instruments were being used, most of us still had the Acid! Guitar on).

Official Beginnings

​The group traveled to different rooms to perform for the Music Jam Party that was still taking place, and they got more and more members to join as time went on. By that point there were many more instruments added, and even some dancers and singers. The group was recognizable every room that they went into, since they yelled their name a lot and kept trying to get more members. After a couple of hours, the group was starting to dwindle, and only four of the first five members were left. Amazing Me got the idea to start a YouTube Channel for the group, and then Felicityfox decided to create a blog and Discord chat so that the group would be able to stay together and become permanent.

Army Overview

After The Acids army was able to formally organize, they would begin holding army events with the help of figures such as Games. The Acids army is the first army recorded to have done voice-chat leading in 2017. The Acids would operate on both the Club Penguin Rewritten and Penguin Oasis Club Penguin Private Servers. They would participate in such community events as the Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central's Battle of the Instruments. This tournament pitted every army against the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Acids also participated in a war with their allies the United Republic of Penguins which began on July 20, 2017, with the intention of the war strengthening both sides. They would later close in December 2017 after it became to decline.

CPOnline History

Around in July 2018, Acids would return as an army for Club Penguin Online. This was due to the the announcement of the 8th Legends Cup by the CPO army league. They would enter the legends cup and beat the legendary Water Ninjas army in the first round. They, however, would lose to the Rebel Penguin Federation in the second round. They would stay open until late 2018. Despite losing to the RPF in round two of the legends cup, they would not take part in World War VII on the side of the Red Dawn Alliance for revenge. Eventually, Moo, Felicityfox, Spark, Red Fox CP, Nick89405 (Nico) and Wavy Shell were all inducted as legends for their services to the army.

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The Acids during an event in 2017.

The Acids fighting the RPF in the legends cup, 2018.