The Black Pipe Army
Full Name Black Pipe Army Of CP
Founded 2015, by Master Coles
Rank Small Army
Government Green Penguins, Master Coles (leader)
Size Small
Famed For Green is freedom

Black Pipe Army had a legend to once rule CP. Now, they leader Master Coles has come back to CP to fight.

Invasion to CP

When Master Coles invaded with two fellow penguins to CP on different servers he conqured CP. However, when he said he didn't need his general Soldierous anymore, his banished general battled him and Master Coles wanted revenge. Master Coles was defeated in cardjitsu as he gave up on CP, briefly.

The Black Pipe Logo

Invasion To Alaska Server

We now took over Alaska. No other army of CP is intitle to go there.

Music Battle in Below Zero Server

A spy (not telling you who) told ACP that this army is going to invade to the server "Below Zero" in the 24th of febuary. However, Master Coles made a music battle in the snowball hall and won because his two foes gave up.

Now, this server is ours as well.

Recrution Parties

Now, This army has recrution parties in Master Cole's house. Master Coles created recrution parties to recruit people to
IMG 20150609 172224

Master Coles, the supreme ruler

his army. He invited them to his igloo and gave them a rank.

The Battle On Ice Berg

As Master Coles came with two of his soldiers, he threw with them snowballs on CP citizens and forced them to give up. As the city gave up, Master Coles ruled Ice Berg as well, and gave it the law not to enter in the name of another army.

Polar Plan Z

Master Coles remained ruler, however, penguin citizens didn't listen to him. He was informed by his assistant Santa Xel about it. As now, Master Coles has a plan, to get mascots into his army. Rockhopper has joined.

The First War/Terrorizing Igloo Operation

Master Coles, after getting from his soldiers ideas, took two bodyguards with to war on Ice Berg server. He started terrorizing igloos and taking control of them. However, he lost due to the penguins not giving up the server, and he swore revenge.


CP is still there to be ruled by green penguins. Join the website as long as your freedom is green.


Chat (not to betray):


Nacho Army (future), Water Ninjas


Everyone else, notably ACP and Light Troops.

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