The Cavemen of Club Penguin is a small army founded on April 15, 2019 on Club Penguin Online . It was founded by a user by the name of ThePenguin12. Meetings are announced at 9561870893066. The army was created after the founder, ThePenguin12, was kicked off the server by CPO moderator Bucky. This enraged ThePenguin12, so he started his own army to fight against the Pirates of Club Penguin. The Cavemen wear mostly matching cavemen outfits, usually found during the Prehistoric Party. After the army was made, ThePenguin12 got right to work. He went all around Club Penguin Online, asking people to join his army. The first two people he asked were Mike Bone and Davi Jone. He even applied to register the army at the Club Penguin Army Syndicate. The first member was Sakurita 25.

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