This is a army, though small but very powerful. We hope to help our allies and destroy our enemy. This is the story of the leader, ferrari86243. Ever since Club Penguin was created, I have been a part of it. I made my first Club Penguin user in 2005, making my penguin a beta. Back then, I was seriously addicted to Club Penguin. My first user was named Skullboy456. Since Disney didn’t own Club Penguin then, this name was allowed. My penguin was extremely rare, because of his “forbidden” name, and also because he was a beta. Then, in late 2008, my user was hacked, and banned. Instead of making a new account and starting all over again, I decided that the banishment of Skullboy456 was a sign to stop playing Club Penguin for a while.

Over the years, I forgot about Club Penguin. But then in the spring of 2010, I saw an ad for it on a gaming site. Remembering the times I had with Club Penguin, I immediately clicked it. I was brought to the home page of Club Penguin, which I remembered so well. Soon, i was creating my second account, and my addiction started back up. I tried naming my account Ferrari, but then I remembered how old Cp was, and how all of the good names were taken. Since I was so interested in ferrari’s, I still tried using this name, except with a group of numbers at the end of it. I had just created Ferrari86243, the owner of this army. Soon, my parents allowed me to become a member, and I was back on Cp, playing the games, buying new clothes, and attending parties. Then, in the winter of 2010, in Club Penguin, I saw a group of penguins all dressed the same, advertising their army, Rebel Unit of Cp. I went on google to search this and was soon joining my very first army: RUCP. I went on their “Allies and Enemies” page and found several other armies that I didn’t even know existed. After joining many armies like this one and Acp, I was tempted to make my own: The Eggs of Cp. This army, however, did not end well. In a months time, the Eggs of Cp had no members at all. Plus, it didn’t show up on google. I tryed to make an alliance with Acp, but they betrayed me, and now I hate them. Finally, I decided to change the army name, to the Club Penguin Shadows. With the help of my brother (technical dude), the website was completely changed. We added and banner, and many other cool things that made the website seem more alive. Soon, we had four members- Ohmyman555, Harry1646, Beta222, and Industry. I hope my army will grow, take over servers, and become well known.

The site address is

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