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The Eagre Foray was a war that consisted of two armies: Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) and the Water Vikings. This particular war started when the Water Vikings announced their declaration of war on August 26th, 2020. In total, there were 25 battles between the two armies, making the entire conflict last a grand total of 33 days. The Water Vikings would be initially victorious in the end, forcing SWAT into a force treaty. However, due to unforeseen circumstances involving multilogging and a treaty preventing ally intervention, this victory was overturned and ultimately resulted in a SWAT Victory.



Before the declaration of war, tensions had been brewing between the Water Vikings and SWAT for around a month. Starting with the allegations of Ganger90, SWAT Creator/Legend/Leader troop stealing from the Ice Warriors, Doritos of Club Penguin, the Water Troops, Dark Warriors, Water Vikings, and the Army of Club Penguin. These allegations would come to a crashing end when Pjayo, at the time leading the Water Vikings, released an expose with screenshots claiming to show testimonials alongside proof of Ganger90 stealing from these armies chats. This would lead to the Water Vikings, Dark Warriors, Army of Club Penguin, and Doritos all threatening to declare war on SWAT should they be caught again. However, this would never produce anything, as the Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors would end up at war with the Doritos soon after. Simmering for nearly two months, with continued troop stealing by SWAT, the Water Vikings made their move.

Declaration of War

On August 26th, 2020, the Water Vikings made a post on their website announcing a declaration of war against the S/M army Special Weapons and Tactics, with the reasoning, "for too long we have allowed these fools to hold onto too much land that is rightfully ours and have allowed them to talk in vain of the Water Viking name. We have allowed them to enter our own discord and steal our own troops with little punishment, but today that ends for today we march for Snow Shoe." There were options for mercy, with the following terms: 

  1.  All of SWAT’s servers are surrendered to the Water Vikings
  2. Ganger is removed from SWAT and stripped of all power within the army
  3. SWAT merge into WV

SWAT refused all of the terms, and what followed was a 25 battle long conflict, the longest conflict of 2020 at one month in length. 

War Overview

A tactic made in reference to WV Commander Cliff's age that was featured in a CPAH article about rude tactics

Opening Half

During the first half of the war, the Water Vikings and SWAT would often trade blows, but favoring the Water Vikings. While this part of the war would remain relatively uneventful on the battlefield, it was more known for the toxicity it would bring to CPAH. However, one occasion led to a double overtime between the two armies, but was eventually called in favor of the Water Vikings.

Closing Half

The most infamous battle of the Eagre Foray was Bushes (SWAT) vs Squids (WV) SWAT claimed victory during this battle, maxing 30, while Water Vikings could only max 27.

During the second half of the war, the conflict had become one sided. SWAT's maxes began plummeting and the Water Vikings were able to gain the upperhand, it was still a close conflict but it was obvious the length of the war was affecting morale on both sides of the battlefield.


Warscore: 18-1-6

Notable Figures


Special Weapons and Tactics Ganger90 Aubz Coolguy Firestar08 Kaliee Mare S Cargo2 LEGOMAN

Water Vikings Buddy Change Fedd Revan Manu  Pjayo Adden