The Fire Bandits

The Fire Bandits is an army on Club Penguin that was created on Mar.18, 2012 by Prisk23 and Bobaphet1. There are two members in this army meaning that more people are needed.


Bobaphet1 was talking to Prisk23 in real life and Prisk told Bobaphet that he should join the Sleet Army. Right then Bobaphet thought of the idea of a new army created by Bobaphet and Prisk. It would be combined with the Sleet Army to make a stronger army.


Bobaphet1 -- Co-founder/ Co-owner/ Co-president

Prisk23 -- Co-founder/ Co-owner/ Co-president

Spots Available

  • Vice-president (x1)
  • Manager (x1)
  • People who plan battles (x3)
  • Trainers (x5)
  • Technicians (x7)
  • Spys (x2)
  • Soilders (Unlimited)
  • Recruits (Unlimited)

Servers Conquered

  • Deep Freeze (It is our home server)

Upcoming Battles

No upcoming battles.


Members and Non-members

  • Red and Black clothing.

Other Requirements

You have to be in the EPF agency.

Out of Army

You are out of the army if you quit or you are fired.


Server -- Deep Freeze

Meeting Area -- Dojo

Planning Room -- Boiler Room

Resting Area -- Ice Rink

Training Room -- Dojo

Join Now

Join now at Sleet, Dock at 5:00 - 8:00 PST p.m. Look for Prisk23 and ask him if you can join. If you can, say which job you want.


The Fire Bandits have one allie:



The Fire Bandits don't have any enemies.


If you have any comments please write it under here. State wiki name, army and time written. Please write in normal text.Thanks! -Prisk23,Sleet Army and The Fire Bandits, 6:48 am Pacific Time.


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