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The First Encounter Assault Recon [F.E.A.R] of Clubpenguin


The F.E.A.R had a great and successful short-going generation with maximum sizes of 12 in 3 weeks, they reached 2nd on SMAC in the 1st week and 5th in SMAP; Sadly, the F.E.A.R had a rapid amount of leaders, which caused the army to break apart, there were hardly any loyal members, but they promised in the next generation (due to be Mid-June) they'll have trustworthy and fit for the job Leaders. It's hard to tell what happened to this army as its website contains little information.


The F.E.A.R were having small sizes of 6 at the start, and then at the end they started doubling.


We wish F.E.A.R to have a pleasent return in the future.

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