You may be looking for The Great Alliance - the alliance that formed during the Great War of 2008. This page is about the Alliance formed on Club Penguin Rewritten in 2017.

The Great Alliance of CPR was a previous alliance of CPR spearheaded by the United Republic of Penguins and the Cryptic Spies, and was administrated by Sidika Ghazi.


The Great Alliance was a creation of Manifest Red and Sidika Ghazi in order to bring together a mass army to take down the Rebel Penguin Federation . The alliance never had any actual battles, but allowed anti-RPF beliefs into the mainstream of the army community, acting as a sort of proto-Neocoetism. The alliance had, as reported, broken off because of the UMA's inability to comply with the majority of the leaders. Afterwards, the Pirates had been exposed for multilogging, which put a dent in the TGA's reputation. The Alliance then failed to show any signs of activity and was eventually deleted.

List of Armies Previously in The Great Alliance (CPR)

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