The Great Pizza War was a war between The Pizza Federation (named The Pizza Boi Rebellion at the time,) and the Pizza Bros on Club Penguin Rewritten. It started on May 6th, 2018


On Club Penguin Rewritten, the rivalry between The Pizza Federation (blue) and the Pizza Bros (red) was very well- known as battles between the two armies happen every day. Although the Pizza Bros said they the Federation copied them, there is no proof because the founder of the original Pizza Bois (the army the federation rebelled from), Penguidae, had completely vanished from his army. Eventually tension grew so strong that The Great Pizza War was started.

History and Battles

Although the war has just begun, several battles have already happened. The first battle, The Battle of the bros, was a massive Pizza Bro victory with Bro troops out numbering the Federation by a lot.

The Second battle, The Revenge of the Bois, was a huge Pizza Federation victory, where the Pizza Federation beat the bros after a long and hard battle, which had also included many of the Pizza Bros leaders.

The final battle was a small Pizza Federation victory, but still a victory. At the Battle for the Sleet Boiler, three Pizza Federation soldiers were able to stay and defeat every single Pizza Bro, who had about eleven penguins on their side.

The War ended in favor of the Pizza Federation when the Pizza Bros Discord was raided, leaving the army under no leader.


The Great Pizza War left with no clear winner, but the result of it was massive. The popularity of the war lead to many Rouge invasions, being the main reason why The Pizza Boi Rebellion switched names to The Pizza Federation. To this day rouges will host there own events on CPR and will attack other armies for no reason. Although the war was small, its impact will be on CPR for a long time.

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