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The Great Simp War was a war between the Mercs of Club Penguin and Magma Clan, the war occurred due to Mercs staff making suggestive remarks towards Magma Clan LiT Ot ter. The war would end with Magma Clan victorious after the Mercs admitted to multilogging, breaking war terms.


The Great Simp War officially started on June 19th 2022, and lasted 5 days.

Beginning of War

After war was declared on the Mercs, the first invasion was scheduled for Thursday, June 19th, 2022. Although a very close battle, Mercs would come out victorious due to a +4 size difference. Magma Clan HCOM would be infuriated by this.

Investigation of Multilogging

After the first war battle, Magma Clan HCOM, TheNathanBoy would become suspicious of Mercs slow movement during the battle, he suspected multilogging. He would contact his peers about the matter, and the Magma Clan HCOM team would dig deeper. Soon after, Smithy, on an alt, would be given a Mercs spare account by an unknown Mercs staff member. Smithy would show the alt to his peers, and they would soon find out that all Mercs spare accounts share the same password. They would ask a well known moderator, TD999, to check the Club Penguin Army Battleground database for any multilogging done with the accounts they found. The database showed Bull Hour, a Mercs leader, multilogged with the accounts. Ot ter, a Magma Clan LiT, would immediately begin writing a post, with the help of LEGOMAN. Meanwhile, The soviet soldier, Velia, and TheNathanBoy continued looking for multilogging evidence. TheNathanBoy would stumble across an image posted by Chayun, a Mercs staff member, which showed them logged on to another account. Raticide would do some investigative work on the Mercs, finding even more evidence that suggested Mercs multilogged. BScharbach2 would make a video about the matter, reform the post, and release it.

Mercs Expose Post

The post would be made by Magma Clan HCOM, exposing the heinous ways of the Mercs. The post would include a video, made by BScharbach2. The post was written by Ot ter, LEGOMAN, and BScharbach2. The post can be found here.

Mercs Surrender

The Mercs would surrender on June 22nd, 2022 in the Club Penguin Army Headquarters main chat. They would admit to one of their troops, Chayun, multilogging an account named Zastuy. The war would then come to a conclusion.