The Incredible Reds was a small band formed by Rockstars12, Flop50 and Maxi2.


Rockstars12 was a fan of a band as he used to be a drummer in a band called Black Stars. So he decided to form his own band with his buddies, Flop50 and Maxi2. When Flop20 was banned, Maxi2 became the 2nd leader. They used to play Rock but they are now playing Country Music, Hip-hop and Jazz. Jokerboy was the singer.

The group has apparently died with Club Penguin, however.

Songs can be found by clicking here.

Known Members

1. Rockstarts12: Drummer and leader

2. Maxi2: Co-singer and non member leader

3. Flop50: Introducer and former- guitar player

4. Jokerboy: Base guitar and singer

5. Diamondhead2(fired): Electric guitar player and drummer

7. Boys100- Trumpet

8. Freeze2012: TUBA or maracas

9. Jacoboi: Back-up singer and dancer

10. SWEETOS: Dancer

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