The Pizza Crusts is a Club Penguin Rewritten gang promoting pizza and it's wonderful crust.

The History
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The Pizza Crusts raiding the Cave Mine

The Day the Crusts Rose

It was a normal Thursday morning when Kayla1804 decided to enter the Pizza Parlor as a pizza chef and wait the three tables. Suddenly, when she arrived, there was a small hurd of red penguins bearing red and wearing the pizza chef outfit. She decided to join them and, eventually, create a gang. She named the gang The Pizza Crusts; after the delicious end of a pizza slice.

On this day, she created a Discord and a Twitter for the Pizza Crusts and expanded the population of the Pizza Crusts. They gained more than 35 official members in two days!

The Pizza Crusts Uniform

The Pizza Crusts uniform is simply the pizza chef outfit and the red penguin color.

Social Media


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